Buddha 🐱 Beings


@Gillian She is a Grump-ist.


Maybe she was, at times; her body had problems from birth. But she was apparently loved & cared for.
GrumpyCat died May 14, 2019 age 7 years.


@ERose She was loved and cared for, as a grumpist. You do not know the ways of Grumpism. Grumpiness is the admirable quality. It transcends all things.


Bah humbug! :yum:

RIP Grumpy cat, who made a lot of people smile… which is what cats do, of course.


Features: a vegan cat! :open_mouth:


Inversion tables & hanging upside down has health risks; blood pressure in head & eyes will be increased, disks in spine can compress, all organs might have difficulty functioning aainst normal direction of gravity. It is not for everyone.


Thanks for highlighting!