Buddha 🐱 Beings


@Gillian She is a Grump-ist.


Maybe she was, at times; her body had problems from birth. But she was apparently loved & cared for.
GrumpyCat died May 14, 2019 age 7 years.


@ERose She was loved and cared for, as a grumpist. You do not know the ways of Grumpism. Grumpiness is the admirable quality. It transcends all things.


Bah humbug! :yum:

RIP Grumpy cat, who made a lot of people smile… which is what cats do, of course.


Features: a vegan cat! :open_mouth:


Inversion tables & hanging upside down has health risks; blood pressure in head & eyes will be increased, disks in spine can compress, all organs might have difficulty functioning aainst normal direction of gravity. It is not for everyone.


Thanks for highlighting!


Yup. What we keep trying to do. Results are not exactly “mixed”.


The tender love of one man in a war-torn Syria:

(Aljaleel with a cat he rescued from a destroyed area of Khan Sheikhun)


Being a solitary practitioner, I thought medi-cat-ion was purr-fectly normal. :slight_smile:

Sabbe satta (which includes these furrballs) bhavantu sukhitatta!




Temple kitty Cooper helped me sew a sitting cloth.

My skill level hasn’t changed much since I learned basic darning as a child, so the sitting cloth took many days, during which Cooper frequently stepped in. (The lower half of a long curtain offered nice strong cloth.)

I lifted the hot iron, stepped back, and discovered Cooper curled up where the iron had been only a second before!

A passing hurricane caused me to bring some outdoor plants into the sewing area temporarily. (The rest of the curtain is back in the window.)


Talking back

Sulking when I told him to move.

I set the shiny new sitting cloth on my cushion, turned my back and … Cooper! He got to be the 1st to sit on it!

The very first group gathering with my new sitting cloth and … Cooper!


Graciously sharing his sitting cloth.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Cooper is a cat on a relaxation mission!


Ol’ Bajji, guarding Ayyā Phalañāṇī’s wet klod as it dries in the sun.



I think Cooper deserves his own thread!!! :joy_cat:


Ah, there’s interest in more Cooper photos?

He’s quite a personality, not easy to live with (he sometimes walks up to each visitor as they sit down to meditate, right up to their faces one by one - and hisses loudly). But also very affectionate (when he chooses).


He is a good looking cat. Would love to see more of his shenanigans. :heart_eyes_cat:


On his favorite perch, a window hammock.