Buddha 🐱 Beings


Cooper helping himself to some kitty treats. (See how he’s using his paw like a hand to gnosh the treats.)


Such a naughty cutie…:grin:



This is an unlikely but true story that took place a couple of months ago:

The toilet had been running. I turned off the water and opened the tank to take a photo to send to our friend in charge of repairs. (Cooper is just visible in bottom corner.)

I felt stumped, unable to see any temporary fix to get the only toilet in the Vihara working again. (The broken place needed to be dried and re-glued. I’m allergic to glue.) It could be a few days or longer before the repair, and guests would arrive soon for teachings.

I must’ve stepped back to check the photo, for Cooper saw his chance to jump up and stick his head in the tank. That’s not ideal, of course, but he’s too big, and too determined, to fight him over every little thing; gotta pick my battles. He really likes water.

When I peered into the tank again, I felt alarmed to see Cooper had done something in there. I received a plastic disk from his mouth; after a bewildered moment I realized that he had just neatly pulled off the broken part.

After Cooper’s intervention it became obvious that I could simply place the little hose into the center part to make a temporary fix until the repair guy could come over.

I named him “Cooper” after my deceased father, John Cooper, thinking the kitty was my Dad reborn. But unlike this cat my Dad never had a bad temper, which makes me doubt - but then, Dad wouldn’t have liked to be reborn as just a cat, so maybe that’s why he gets so cranky.) Anyway, Dad was a good handyman, and he would have thoughtfully removed the broken plastic piece, just like that.


Every monastery needs to have a handy-cat around! This story is hilarious!


So glad to give you a smile!
I’m thinking of you with much metta dear Ayya Vimala!


Yesterday morning Cooper wriggled, chirped & groomed loudly, until I admitted it was past his breakfast time and got up from meditation.

Here’s a video of the last minute & a half of his Look At Me performance, which ends with his dignified hard stare.

(At 5 seconds the film seems to jerk but those are his actual wiggles.)