Buddhanexus question

Is there a way I can limit my search results to specific collections in the global search the way you can in the parallels search? that would be super handy for finding say all the instances of a specific technical term in the first 4 nikayas, which would help with analysis greatly.

much metta for anyone who can point me in the right direction :slight_smile:


Probably necessary to tag Ven. @Vimala. They are the local expert.


this is basically a bump, but am i right that Buddhanexus is a suttacentral affiliated project and that this is therefore the appropriate place for the question? Or is there somewhere else I should be reaching out to?

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This place is certainly appropriate to ask. But Ven. Vimala is currently in winter retreat and won’t probably be online before beginning of May.


Have you used their contact page?


They’re associated but it’s a different group, with an entirely separate system. Ayya Vimala is a lead developer there, formerly they were with SC. But it’s based at Hamburg Uni, I believe. They use SC’s datasets, but that’s about all.

incidentally, collection-limited search is on the to-do list for SC as well. If you have any requests for search, let us know.


Thank you @josephzizys for your suggestion. It is indeed already on our to-do list and we hope to implement this this year.

The project started of as part of SuttaCentral for the Pali canon only (table- and numbers-view using Lit-elements) but was later merged with another project that was being developed at the Khyentse Center for the Tibetan texts (visual- and text-view using jQuery). This became BuddhaNexus and the scope became much wider to all the Buddhist texts available in digital form. We kept the SuttaCentral frontend/backend architecture and of course Bhante Sujato selected the fonts! You can read the history on the site.

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