Chrome on Android menus issue - bug

Thank you all for your hard work making this site a reality!

I’m trying to use it on my phone and have 3 different browsers to compare functionality of the menu nav (hamburger) drawer and options (3 dots) button.

I’m on a Pixel 3, Android v10

–> DuckDuckGo Browser - all works as expected

–> Firefox - all works as expected

–> Chrome - neither Hamburger or Options icon working. Options does respond but no menu pops up. Hamburger is totally unresponsive.

Sad hamburger! Maybe if it was a black bean burger it would have less kamma and more functionality :wink:


I have the same system, and I use Chrome all the time, it works fine. Hmm, I wonder what could be going on? I assume you’ve tried rebooting? Otherwise, perhaps it could be a connectivity problem, or a browser add-on?


Greetings Owl and welcome to the Forum of Sutta Central :slight_smile:


Perhaps your chrome browser may be an outdated version? :thinking:

You could also try downloading the SuttaCentral app from the Google playstore… and while you’re there, checking that the chrome browser is updated to the latest version.

P.S on some android phones, the SuttaCentral menu can be pulled up by swiping slowly from the extreme left edge of the phone towards the right. Maybe that works for you?


Thanks, Ahjahn!

Yes have tried rebooting. Chrome is up-to-date

WiFi and data (Google Fi) are both solid.

Update! Just cleared all cookies/cache/site settings and refreshed (nav to Donations and Use Offline) and that seemed to do the trick!

I will remember this in the future. Chrome is not my primary browser but regardless was storing something funky.


Thank you! Chrome is up to date. I think I figured out there was some stored setting throwing things off.

The app is great. Was that your project?


The SuttaCentral app is @michaelh’s project. And indeed great!

Did you try holding your finger on the app icon? It opens a pop up menu to select between SuttaCentral main site, D&D discussion forum (here), and SuttaCentral Voice.


That wonderful app is a project by @michaelh. If you like it, please do give the app a rating on the Google playstore. :grinning:

If you like, you can also use the app offline to access SuttaCentral content anytime, anywhere, without incurring expensive cellular data charges. You just need to download the data file on WiFi using the ‘use offline’ link from the home page of the app. Around 30- 40Mb or so data will be stored on your handset.


I rated in the Google Play store just now and also downloaded for offline use already. What a great use of technology :smile:


Thank you for the warm welcome, Viveka! I’m happy to be here :relaxed:


I use Vivaldi on windows 10 with stock settings and apparently there is no cookie to set the settings i like, such as the dark mode and the pali-english dict. and the pali lines i like. After a restart of Vivaldi, i get the bright background and no pali showing.
I remember when the site was compatible with firefox 56, my display settings were saved and I did not need to set them again after a restart.

Is it the same for you?