Collection of Dhamma teachers (usage as MP3 audio covers)


I have created several audio cover for my Dhamma talk collection. I would like to share them with you. Please feel free to use them.


Hey, thank you ! :slight_smile:
I will actually use it, because I also have these talks collected in seperate folders regarding specific teachers. :slight_smile:

You did nice work keeping it all in “one tone” :slight_smile: :anjal:

Would be great if you could add Ajahn Sujato :slight_smile:


Nibbanassa paccayo hotu!


I notice that it should be Ajahn not Ajhan. Isn’t it? It would be great if we have one for Bhikkhu Analayo too as we have the whole nibbāna sermon series now :pray:


I asked on i if they can provide me some high quality photos of the monks, but they don’t reply. :pensive: So I cannot do much, on internet there are few good. Even for Ajhan Brahm there are just few pictures of him in good quality in good posture…

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Try contacting bhante @Brahmali ?


@dxcore35 thanks for sharing your photo covers here! Looking at them all together is very harmonious but also reminds me of how easy it is to omit great women teachers from our lives. I know it’s your personal collection but I would encourage you to listen to women Dhamma practitioners too! A teacher from BSWA, for example, is Ayya Vyama, who was mentioned in this forum just recently here and there other wonderful women teachers like Ayya Tathaloka, who has lots of great talks on YouTube such as this one. Or Ayya Anandabodi talking about the 6 annuasatis or Ayya Suddhamma who tells lots of stories or Ayya Soma, a young nun who gives lots of great talks with Buddhist Insights. I could mention many others but hope you’ll discover more on your own journey.

These teachers might not be mega stars or famous world wide but certainly deserve our attention. I have learnt a lot from them about the Dhamma. :full_moon_with_face:


And how about Ayya Khema 1923-1997, whose talks in English can be found on Dharma seed, and who also taught in German.