Ajahn Vayama: Inspirational Bhikkhuni and spiritual warrior

There is a very quiet and inspirational Bhikkhuni who lives quietly in Perth Western Australia - Ajahn Vayama.

She was the founding Abbott of Dhammasara Nuns Monastery (part of the Buddhist Society of Western Australia BSWA).

Her spiritual life is truly inspirational. In particular I have felt a particular affinity given struggles with being a lone practitioner, issues related to accessibility of Bhikkhuni ordination, as well as struggles with ill health.

I think of her as a Spiritual Warrior. No matter the obstacles or adversity, the path to awakening is to be followed!!! :anjal: :anjal: :anjal:

For many reasons, her teachings are not widely available, but are worth attention. I have never had the opportunity to meet with her, or to have any personal contact, but will link a couple resources that I have found so rich in Dhamma :thaibuddha: :dharmawheel: :pray:

Perhaps Ven @Pasanna , from Dhammasara Monastery would be able to look into getting some more information and resources, and to link them here. It would be a great Dhamma gift :pray:

Perhaps also Ajahn @Brahmali may have something to add given the close relationship with Bodhinyana Monastery and a long history of interaction.

Bhante @sujato you were at Bodhinyana at that time as well weren’t you :slight_smile:

Ajahn Vayama teaches the overview of Buddhist principles (talk 2) for BSWA. One of the clearest and most succinct teachings on this that I have heard.

Chanting with running text

Talk by Ajahn Seri about practicing together with Ajahn Vayama

Link to the recorded Dhamma talks by Ajahn Vayama from BSWA

There is also quite a bit of information here from Dhammasara Monatery website, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the First Bhikkhuni ordinations :pray:

Short video about re-establishing the Bhikkhuni Sangha in Australia… This was so EPIC, and as such, Includes Star Wars theme music …

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I listened to Ajahn Vayama’s recorded talks a lot a decade ago when she was still giving talks. There are many recordings on the BSWA site, as discussed above: Buddhist Teachings Meditation Podcast Video Buddhism Free Talks

Every so often I re-listen to some of them. They are very inspiring. :heart:


There are also sutta teaching audio on the Deeper Dhamma channel on the PodBean.

I must admit that I haven’t listened to her talk (probably never, I heard from Ajahn Hasapanna about her teaching, though), and thank you very much, Viveka, for sharing this post. :anjal:


Thanks Kaz, :slight_smile:
I think all of Ajahn Vayamas teachings are audio only, or at least most of them. Times have been changing rapidly, and video streaming is only relatively recent.

Much metta :slight_smile: :dharmawheel: :revolving_hearts:


I understand it is her voice, in the lead, that you linked to here. :pray:


Ajahn Vayama is special for me. She is not the one I tend to listen to when I feel fine, but she is just what’s needed when things are a bit down. I guess it has something to do about herself having to struggle so hard, and therefore when she talks about suffering, one easily accepts her words without comparing it to one’s own situation - like someone who says: I know how it feels. And one feels; Yes, she does really know where I’m at right now. I find myself often not listening to the words or trying to find the meaning, but more listening to the sound of the dhamma, and that I believe is right listening. When the talk is over I often are at the same place, but now suffering is okay. it’s not something I have to hurry up and do something about right now …, like I often tend to do when I listen to some other’s inspiring talks. I hope more male practitioners find time to listen and appreciate Ajahn Vayama’s talks because men need to fill up on their understanding of the dhamma seen from the female perspective also, or at least that’s what I believe.


There should be quite a number of talks on the BSWA website. My iPad has maybe 30 talks which she gave at Dhammaloka. It could be that they are still working through uploading them all. Unfortunately I am unable to upload anything from the monastery archives. However there is some more info on the Patacara Hermitage website


Ajahn Vayama was and is the embodiment of radical acceptance. That’s what I learned from her.


You can also find most (if not all) dhamma talks and sutta classes by Ajahn Vayama right here


Dear All,

I have recently learned that Ajahn Vayama is very ill, and facing the end of this life.

I wanted to share this news with all those who know her, or her teachings, to give this opportunity to those who have benefitted from her efforts in the Dhamma, to send Mega Metta and Merits to ease her relinquishment of this body and for an effortless journey onwards. With so much gratitude :pray: :pray: :pray:

May she be free of all suffering :butterfly:
:thaibuddha: :dharmawheel: :thaibuddha:


A message that Ayya Vayama is now dying, and to send metta, came to me about 12 hours ago (from Ayya Tathaaloka).


Sending Metta to Ajahn Vayama, with gratitude for her actions and practice, wishing her full liberation. :pray: :yellow_heart:


Ayya Vayama has now passed away.

“Oh! Conditions are impermanent,
their nature is to rise and fall;;
having arisen, they cease;,
their stilling is true bliss.”

“Aniccā vata saṅkhārā,
Uppajjitvā nirujjhanti
tesaṃ vūpasamo sukho”ti.