Commentary and Translations Compiled Online?

I am wondering if there are any Sutta Central-like websites which offer the commentaries, either in Pali or other languages?

A similar thread addressed a related question, but I figured the question was worth asking again, since it has been a year. Commentaries and other Old Texts

If there are no websites like this, I wonder what it would take to get something going. Is anyone interested in such a task? A first place to start would be making as complete as possible a list of existing translations. Perhaps a platform like WikiData could be used as a repository for compiling?

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For Thai there is, which offers:

Tipiṭaka in romanised Pali
Atthakathā in romanised Pali
Tipiṭaka in Thai Pali
Atthakathā in Thai Pali
Tipiṭaka in Mahamakut Thai translation
Tipiṭaka in Mahachulalongkorn Thai translation
Atthakathā in Mahamakut Thai translation

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And of course there is, which contains the Pali commentaries and sub-commentaries, as well as a range of later texts, such as grammars and the like. No translations, though.

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Thank you for these. It sounds like a project worth pursuing, whoever of us are interested.

The initial and ongoing tasks, as I see them

(1) assembling a list as complete as possible of known commentary and sub-commentary translations, in any language.

(2) determining and populating a location where this list can be maintained and referenced (i.e. Wikidata)

(3) creating a more user-friendly way of displaying the list (i.e. a site like Sutta Central).

I can’t commit to task 3 at this point, but the provisional foundations of task 1 and 2 seem easy enough.

Another component of (1) would be identifying translated para-canonical texts as well as works that offer valuable information and notes about not-yet translated commentary and sub-commentary texts. Is there an “official” or agreed-upon list of texts that are considered para-canonical?

I will post a working version of (1) shortly.

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Here is what we have so far, most of it taken from the “Information on Pali Literature” site archive.

I assume there are major non-English translations missing – can anyone add to this? Perhaps a German reader could make use of this site:

Another current task would be adding sub-commentary translations and any additional non-Pali texts/translations which give details about either commentaries or sub-commentaries.

Commentary: Samantapâsâdikâ (Sp)
Thai trans –
English trans – The Inception of Discipline, tr. N.A. Jayawickrama, 1962: translation of vol. I of the commentary

Commentary: Ka.nkhâvitara.nî (Kkh) (commentary of Patimokkha)
Thai trans –

DN Commentary: Suma.ngalavilâsinî (Sv)
Thai trans –

MN Commentary: Papañcasûdanî (Ps)
Thai trans –
See Ven. Ñāṇamoli’s Manuscript for Eng notes on commentaries, Path Press

SN Commentary: Sâratthappakâsinî (Spk)
Thai trans –
see commentarial discussions in footnotes of Bhikkhu Bodhi’s Eng trans

AN Commentary: Manorathapûra.nî (Mp)
Thai trans –
see commentarial discussions in footnotes of Bhikkhu Bodhi’s Eng trans

Khuddaka Nikâya commentaries
Thai trans –
Eng trans of Dhp – Buddhist Legends, tr. E.W. Burlingame, 1921; reprinted 1990 as 3 vols, PTS
Eng trans of Paramatthadîpanî (I) Ud-a – Udna Commentary, tr. P. Masefield, PTS
Eng trans of Paramatthajotikâ (II) (Sn-a); Elucidator of the Supreme Meaning, published in Bhikkhu Bodhi’s trans of Suttanipâta, Wisdom Publications
Eng trans of Vv Commentary: Paramatthadîpanî (III) (Vv-a) – Vimâna Stories, tr. P. Masefield, 1989, PTS
English trans of Pv Commentary: Paramatthadîpanî (IV) (Pv-a) – Peta Stories, tr. U Ba Kyaw and P. Masefield, 1980, PTS
Commentary: Paramatthadîpanî (VI) (Thî-a)
Eng trans of Commentary: Paramatthadîpanî (VI) (Thî-a) – The Commentary on the Verses of the Therîs, tr. W.Pruitt, 1998, PTS
English trans of Commentary: Jâtakatthava.n.nanâ (JA) – Ku.nâla-jâtaka, ed. and tr. W.B. Bollee, 1970, PTS
English trans of The Jâtaka or Stories of the Buddha’s Former Births, tr. by various hands under the editorship of E.B. Cowell, 6 vols 1895-1907 and Index 1913, all reprinted 1990, PTS
English trans of Commentary: Madhuratthavilâsinî (Bv-a), Clarifier of the Sweet Meaning, tr. I.B. Horner, PTS

Dhammasa.nga.nî (Dhs) Commentary: A.t.thasâlinî (As or Dhs-a)
Eng trans – The Expositor, tr. Pe Maung Tin, 2 vols, 1920, 1921; reprinted as one vol. 1976, PTS
Thai trans –
German trans – Darlegung der Bedeutung: Der Kommentar zur Dhammasangani, Bhikkhu Nyanaponika, PTS

Vibh Commentary: Sammohavinodan (Vibh-a)
Eng trans – Dispeller of Delusion, tr. Bhikkhu Ñâ.namoli, rev. by L.S.Cousins et al., PTS
Thai trans –

Dhtk Commentary: Pañcappakara.natthakathâ (Dhâtuk-a)
Eng trans – Discourse on Elements, tr. Ven. U Narada [of Rangoon], 1962, PTS
Thai trans –

Pp commentary: Pañcappakara.natthakathâ (Pp-a)
Eng trans – A Designation of Human Types, tr. B.C. Law, 1922, PTS
Thai trans –

Kv Commentary: Pañcappakara.natthakathâ (Kv-a)
Eng trans – The Debates Commentary, tr. B.C. Law, 1940; reprinted 1989, PTS
Thai trans –

Yam Commentary: Pañcappakara.natthakathâ (Yam-a)
Thai trans –

Pt Commentary: Pañcappakara.natthakathâ (
Eng trans – Conditional Relations, tr. Ven. U Narada [of Rangoon], PTS
Thai trans –

Additional abhidhamma sub-commentary: Abhidhammatthavibhâvinî-.tîkâ (Abhi-s-mh-.)

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In addition to these, there is a list of individual sutta commentaries which have been translated. I pulled these together from a post by Ajahn Sujato on Sutta Central and used a list posted by Dmytro on Dhammawheel.

Can anyone add to these?

BODHI, BHIKKHU The discourse on the all-embracing net of views: the Brahmajāla Sutta and its commentaries. Kandy, Sri Lanka: Buddhist Publication Society, 1992

BODHI, BHIKKHU: The Great Discourse on Causation: The Mahānidāna Sutta and Its Commentaries: Buddhist Publication Society, 1995 — ISBN 9789552401176

BODHI, BHIKKHU: The Discourse on the Root of Existence - Mūlapariyāya-Sutta. Kandy: Buddhist Publication Society, 2006

BODHI, BHIKKHU: The Sāmaññaphala Sutta The Discourse on the Fruits of Recluseship. Kandy: BPS, 2013

NYANAMOLI, BHIKKHU: The Discourse on Right View: The Sammādiṭṭhi Sutta and its Commentary, Wheel. Bd. 377-379. Kandy: Buddhist Publication, Society, 1991

NYANAMOLI, BHIKKHU: Raṭṭhapāla Sutta: A Discourse from the Majjhima Nikaya No. 82, Wheel. Bd. 110. Kandy: Buddhist Publication, Society, 1967

NYANAMOLI, THERA: Greater Discourse on Voidness: Mahasuññata Sutta with Commentary (MN 122), Wheel. Bd. 87. Kandy: Buddhist Publication, Society, 1965

NYANAMOLI, THERA: Mindfulness of Breathing (Ānāpānasati). Buddhist Texts from the Pāli Canon and Extracts from the Pāli Commentaries: Kandy, Sri Lanka: Buddhist Publication Society, 1952

SOMA, THERA: The way of mindfulness. A translation of the Satipaṭṭhāna Sutta of the Majjhima Nikāya; its Commentary, the Satipaṭṭhāna Sutta Vaṇṇanā of the Papañcasūdanī of Buddhaghosa Thera; and excerpts from the Līnatthapakāsanī Tīkā, Marginal Notes, of Dhammapala Thera on the Commentary

Khuddakapatha (Ñāṇamoḷi)

Udāna (Masefield)
MN 10 Satipatthana
DN1 Brahmajala and DN 2 Sāmaññaphala (Bodhi)
Sudassanavinayavibhāsā (from Chinese, Vinaya commentary)

@Jnan from SuttaCentral is currently translating the Sampasadaniya-sutta commentary (atthakatha) into English

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One thing that can’t be ignored is the Visuddhimagga. It’s not in theory a commentary on any particular sutta (unless that be SN 1.23), but rather on the suttas as a whole, especially the crucial doctrinal passages. The other commentaries constantly refer back to it, or assume knowledge of it.

There are, of course, bunches of commentaries in Chinese and Tibetan, which may fall outside the scope of what you’re interested in. But the Sudassanavinayavibhasa (in Chinese) is rather unusual in that it is of Sinhalese origin, and in some respects closely resembles Buddhaghosa’s Samantapasadika.

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