Sudassanavinayavibhasa: the Sinhalese Vinaya commentary, translated from Chinese to English

In a few threads we have mentioned this work. It is a version of an ancient Sri lankan Vinaya commentary. In many respects it is similar to the classic Theravada Vinaya commentary the Samantapasadika.

Many, including the translators, believe it to have been translated from the Samantapasadika. Personally I’m not convinced; the name Samantapasadika occurs nowhere in it, and many chapters share nothing in common with the Samantapasadika. I believe it is translated from one of the ancient Sinhalese Vinaya commentaries which was a source work for the Samantapasadika.

Of course it will be easy to compare them side by side in English translation—except the Samantapasadika has never been translated into English, one of the most glaring omissions in all Buddhist studies. Anyway, here’s the text for your reading pleasure.

Sudassanavibhasha part1.pdf (32.0 MB)

Sudassanavibhasha part 2.pdf (48.7 MB)


Thank you, Bhanthe. I hope the monastic community will be using this as a reference with regards to knotty vinaya issues.

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