📢 Complete Aligned German translation of Dīgha Nikaya and Theragāthā

Ven. @Sabbamitta Silashin has completed her translation of the Dīgha Nikaya and Therāgātha into German language.

Because the translations are done using SuttaCentral’s Bilara translation software, these new texts can be viewed in parallel with the Pali language.

She has also translated Bhante Sujato’s introductory essay for the DN into German. It can be found here .

The footnotes to the DN are not yet completely translated, but will be completed after the upgrade of the Bilara translation software.

She has also kept an attentive eye on the website interface making sure that is completely available in the German language.

We rejoice in all of your merit! May you quickly attain Nibbāna!


Thank you so much, Ven. Snowbird, for your kind post! :pray: :heart:


That is an amazing achievement! Thank you Ayya @sabbamitta


Sādhu sādhu sādhu!!! :pray:
Vielen Dank für die große Mühe! May your translation help more people understand the dhamma. This is so wonderful :pray:


Wunderbar! Das ist ein großes Geschenk an die Menschheit. Anumodana :blush:

Wann wird das Buch gedruckt? :wink:


So wonderful, congratulations Sabbamitta!

When you feel ready, let us add these to the Publications program so they can be printed as books.


Congratulations venerable. This is a massive effort


Thank you all for your enthusiasm and kind words!

I have to confess, I am rather enthusiastic myself about this project. The Suttas are so inspiring, and working with them in this way brings them really close. And when I see that I am not the only one to benefit from this work that nourishes my enthusiasm and gives me the energy to keep going!

But all this work would not be possible if it weren’t for what is done by many others. It all starts with SuttaCentral which has become such an incredible resource, and Bhante @sujato’s English translations that I take as a basis.

Then there’s Bilara, the translation app, that has initially been built by @blake and is now looked after by @HongDa; and the folks from STXNext are helping build the new version at the moment. There’s also @carmi who very kindly and reliably supports us translators, and certainly many more who are contributing for it all to work.

I should also mention my two proofreaders @Olivia and @Bloom77 who find all the typos and stuff that I overlook! (Yes, that happens, I do indeed overlook typos!)

And of course also my dad who is quite easy to look after so that there’s enough time and space left for me to do my own thing. :heart:

:pray: :pray: :pray:

I am afraid that’s not the time yet. There are still three collections that aren’t completed, that’s MN, Dhp, and Snp. And for the other ones, I am still making edits every week. So the whole thing is still very much in progress, also the proofreading hasn’t been completed for any entire collection.

But thanks to your support the work goes on. I often remember a saying by Ajahn Brahm who likes to say (with reference to the Buddhist path, but it applies to anything else just as well):

Two things are required in order to reach the goal:

  1. start!
  2. don’t stop!

So I hope my health will allow me to keep going long enough. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Congratulations, @sabbamitta! Thank you immensely for your outstanding contribution, the support you offer, and the tremendous inspiration you impart. :pray:


An amazing achievement and an inspiration for people like me (I’m taking baby steps to get at least the sutta-piṭaka translated into Sanskrit, English and Tamil).

May your efforts live long and produce much merit.


Wow! That’s a far bigger project than I could even imagine for myself! I’ll be lucky if I live long enough to get one language to a point where I’m happy with it, but three:open_mouth:

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Are you a native Tamil speaker? We are looking for someone to help translate the interface of the main website into Tamil. You could send me a PM if you are interested.