Complete collection of the Therigatha and Theragatha?

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Hi everyone. Anyone know where I can find a complete collection–other than the CAF Rhys Davis translation–of the Therigatha and Theragatha in English? (Mostly the Therigatha, which I’d like to gift to a monastic).

I’m aware of Thanissaro’s anthology, but it’s not complete. I’m not sure the ones I see on Amazon are either. Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:


Bhante Sujato is currently working on a translation of both the Therīgāthā and Theragāthā which is due to be ready at some (soon-ish) point, I believe.

In the meantime a complete translation of the Theragāthā by Bhante Sujato & Jessica Walton is already available on SuttaCentral:

If you were after a printed copy it is available from Lulu and there my well be some copies of the free distribution print by The Corporate Body of the Buddha Education Foundation floating around the world.


Thank you! The Theragatha collection will also be handy for another monastic I have in mind. In the meantime I’ll await the bhikkhuni set :pray:t5:


As do we all with quiet, patient eagerness! :anjal:


I also just came upon this thread, which mentions a couple translations of the Therigatha: Thoughts on Charles Hallisey's and Anagarika Mahendra's translation of the Therigatha


My new translations of both are ready, they will be on SC shortly.


Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu, Bhante @sujato! You are a translation power house, for sure!



I hope there is an e-book version too, bhante :anjal:


Oh, there will be!