Complete Translation of The Analysis of Deeds Published (by Anandajoti Bhikkhu)

Complete Translation of The Analysis of Deeds Published

“Most of the teaching will be quite familiar to students of the Pāḷi texts, but even then the teachings given here expand in interesting detail on the early discourses, and some of the teachings, like the effects of intentional deeds have on the environment, might be somewhat novel, but are of great interest.”

It can be found here: Complete Translation of The Analysis of Deeds Published – Dharma Records

More about Anandajoti Bhikkhu, the translator: Ānandajoti – Dharma Records



Thanks for the info! @Aminah we should have this on SC, yes?


Is that an “are they on SC” or “can you code them for SC” question? If the former what uid would they have? And actually, if the latter, what uid would they have?


This is our text MKV.

Given Ānandajoti’s typical care, we would probably be better off with not just his translation, but also text as well. Which, now that I think about it, he has done line by line, so it would be a candidate for Bilara. Awesome! Hmm.


Cool! Much may the Bilarites have good fun with this.


I’ll check out the sources and see how this might work.

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Does anyone know if the school affiliation is known?

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What type of EBT is this? Can someone provide some context or a link to some more background info?


I knew, and essentially continue to know, masses of nothing about this text, but to start things off, here’s what SC’s blurb says about it:

The Mahākarmavibhaṅga or “Great Analysis of Deeds” is a Sanskrit Abhidharma text based on manuscripts from Nepal, which includes a number of quotations from early discourses, including the Dhammapada. The SuttaCentral text is from GRETIL, based on the edition by Sylvain Lévi (1932), and input by Kluas Wille.


It’s a composite text focusing on kamma, it has pieces of EBTs, jatakas, etc.

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Yes, and it probably is the basis for the odd Mahayana Karma Sutras still found in Chinese and Vietnamese Buddhism. It presents very simplistic assertions on what you have done in a previous life to experience some specific circumstance this life, etc.

It is hard to find it on line but usually people sponsor its printing for free distribution, if expecting something good in return as prescribed in the very sutra.

An English translation of this sutra can be found at these links:

Quang Duc - Lotus Sutra Index

Karma Sutra - Mahayana Sutra - Trang Nhà Quảng Đức

Note that in the stupa of Borobodur we find carvings based on the root text:

Karma-vibhanga, Deeds and their Results
160 public domain photographs from Borobudur, Java, showing the reliefs the results of good and bad deeds, together with a translation of the Karma-vibhanga text and further information.