Corona Dhamma - links to Dhamma resources

Let’s please post here links to Dhamma resources that we find specially beneficial during this time of stress, social isolation and illness - links to scripture, articles, guided meditations, and more. Kindly start w/ a one-sentence description of the linked resource.

“Corona” means “crown”, yet the Dhamma is the highest, crowning gift, far more valuable than entertainment and other ways we may spend our time now, so in karunā (compassion) let’s share. Thank you!

  • Plum Village is also giving an online retreat from March 25-29 and they start broadcasting at 9:00 am EDT (N. America) or 3:00 pm Central European Time. here, and here is the schedule. I’m going to check it out because I don’t know anything about Zen.

  • The BSWA is also offering an online Relax & Grow WE retreat.

Talks about Meditation & how to establish/grow Wholesome and avoid/overcome Unwholesome Habits, Guided Meditations, Personal Practice, Q&A and Group Interviews.
You can find the proposed timetable here.
Timings: Friday 27 March 2020 8 pm to Sunday 29 March 4 pm (Perth-Time)
Venue: Online via Zoom

  • If you want something a little more stimulating then don’t forget our lovely Ajahn @Brahmali’s Pali course is available to give you some reading skills in Pali. I’m sure that some people can devote 20 hours to be introduced to reading Pali!

That’s all I know about that I haven’t seen on D&D.

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& Bhantes @sujato and @Akaliko are offering a live 30 minute chanting and meditation session three times a day.


I am also enjoying DhammaThreads on youtube Dhammanet, as well as other Dhamma talks on youtube and

I know youtube can be difficult with attention-demanding content on its Homepage, so I have used my login there to create a personal page of playlists of Dhamma talks, guided meditations, subscribed channels, etc. I go to that, and skip the distractions. I made mine public, as my loved ones use it, but it can be as private (as much as anything on a Google product can be).


I think this one is worth reading in times like this:



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The discourse called 'Nodding Off '( Pacalāyamāna Sutta AN 7.61),
I find is a helpful reminder, not to indulge in sleep and waste time.

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  • DAILY live teachings & occasional retreats by Buddhist Insights. [Buddhist Insights on Eventbrite] Looks like weekdays 8:00 AM & 7:30 PM EDT, and varying times on weekends.
    (Buddhist Insights Events | Eventbrite).

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For those from the Indian Subcontinent…

Online meditation session daily: morning and evening

As humanity, we are witnessing an unprecedented event together. It is wise to use all the necessary precautions to protect our lives and those of others. It is equally wise for Dhamma practitioners to maintain the regularity of sadhana, which is the best way to cope with the difficult conditions that have emerged.

A sense of community is uplifting – meditating and practicing metta in a group can help improve the distressing “environment” prevailing in the world today.

To enable group sadhana, we can join Dr. Dhar online in his daily meditation sessions . It will help us to maintain contact with the wider Sangha without meeting them personally.

Daily morning and evening 7:00- 8:30 Indian Standard Time, starting from Friday 20th March
-Session of chanting, silent meditation, desana/paritta chanting, and closing homage

Join live streaming YouTube

Please note : There will not be any Q&A or interaction. The sessions will be streamed live and will not be recorded.


Wonderful short talk on the Coronavirus by Bhante Bodhi –


A good sutta which might alleviate some anxiety, where the Buddha reassures Mahanama that even if his mindfulness is muddled and he dies, his demise wont be a bad one as he has long cultivated skillful qualities.


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Ajahn Brahm and the monks from Bodhinyana, are now providing a daily teaching, to help us all through the current crisis,or as Ajahn Brahm has said, through the current opportunity :slightly_smiling_face:


Wonderful indeed! As always, so comforting and inspiring :anjal:
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Venerable Canda is now leading online sessions with various themes that you can find here, the events are London time:

  • Zoomi Bhikkhuni: Guided Metta Meditation and Sharing Group
    Saturdays: 9 am - 10 am (every Saturday from 28th March, via Zoom)
  • Zoomi Bhikkhuni: Delving Deeply Into Dhamma
    Sundays: 7.30 pm - 9 pm (every Sunday from 29th March, via Zoom)
  • Zoomi Bhikkhuni: Chanting & Blessings Group
    Wednesdays: 5 pm - 5.30 pm (every Wednesday from 1st April, via Zoom)

Bhante Bodhidhamma at Satipanya retreat centre will be livestreaming every night beginning on Sunday 29 March, 2020. The programme will be:

20:00 Q&A / Dhamma talk
20:30 Chanting refuges and precepts and sit for 40 mins
21:10 guide a compassion, metta and joy meditation session.
Evening will finish at 21:30

Link to YouTube channel


  • Metta message from from Bhante G (Ven. Henepola Gunaratana, founder of the Bhavana Society).

While it is very considerate to post links to help facilitate the dhamma, could people please include a description of what is in the link and, if not immediately obvious, then how it is relevant to the topic, so people can make an informed choice about clicking onto it :slightly_smiling_face: :pray: