Creative Volunteering Ideas for SuttaCentral

Hello all!

Each individual, myself included, often has one or more interests in things that we wish to do for fun anyway.

The idea of this thread was to brainstorm ways in which people could, without any obligation or pressure, volunteer whatever time and energy that they wish to do freely in ways that are most suitable for them.

This idea was prompted by the Sutta Compilation Book! and Vinaya Doodles 😁 - similarly each person has their own uniques interests and skills.

The purpose of this thread is to brainstorm fun ideas for contributing to the development of SuttaCentral in creative ways that perhaps no one even dared to imagine before like the aforementioned two ideas.

This could enable those who are busy, but wish to do so give back to the SuttaCentral community in fun and creative ways!



Thanks so much for this! I just wanted to drop a quick line to let you know I haven’t forgotten about the interest you expressed in volunteering already earlier. Following that conversation I did go back to look at our task board and chin stroke about ways to open things up more.

Working within the constraints of the platforms we already use I did draft a “volunteer specific” board (with a real emphasis on “draft”):

I was hoping to discuss it (and volunteer pathways more generally) with our team before going any further, but it’s just as well to mention as much here.

As I was reflecting over this in just a cursory manner it was very immediately obvious that with such a complex project as SuttaCentral some thought really needs to be put into seeing how energies can most productively be used for maximum joy all round.

Alas, just at the minute I’ve been taken with trying to tie up some other tasks ahead of going offline for a month (on account of which please excuse my absence from the conversation during November).

Looking forward to seeing where the thread goes, and again great thanks for your inspiration.


I’m a video game programmer, and I’ve been thinking about making a Buddhism-themed game for quite a while now, though I’m not sure when I’ll have the time.

Something fun, but also educational.

One of my ideas is a Buddhist Monastery management game, though I’ll need custom artwork for it.

Dhamma Trivia could also be interesting to make and play…


Volunteer interests:

Translating and presenting all the early textual sources in English/various languages.

Applying Buddhism to the fields of:

  1. religion
  2. government
  3. charity
  4. academia
  5. finance
  6. business