DN 33, pali + english B.Sujato translation

I think the sutta is too big to cut and paste, I’ve attached an epub. dn33-sxs.zip (77.0 KB)

edit 4/10:
will incorporate parallel Te sutta citations into TOC for that epub soon

There are 133 parallels listed for this sutta. That seems pretty comprehensive. May I ask, what information are you missing?


thanks Bhante, that’s fantastic! I didn’t notice the new sutta central has 133 parallels for DN 33, I’d only glanced at the legacy SC parallel list.

Is there a way, in the new SC, to return to the listing of parallels after you’ve descended into one of the sections? The back browser button returns me to the DN 33 page, where I have to reenter the parallel listings (which is super slow to do, and loses the place where I was within this huge sutta).