Download 4 Nikāyas and Pali Canon

I’ve deleted English translation of the 4 Nikāyas because of the “piracy” :fearful::scream::worried:

Download Pali Canon:
Tipitaka, Atthakatha, Tika. Chatthasangiti Edition

Study, practice!


Unfortunately, most of these translations are pirated, so I will reluctantly have to ask you to remove them. The original texts are fine, though.


It is very unfortunate that I need to delete Dhamma because of the “piracy”. This is very very bad.

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I’m sure you’ll grow from that giving up and relinquishing exercise ;-).

Thanks for doing this.

If you have issues, I would suggest you bring them up with the copyright holder, Wisdom Publications.

My belief is that no translation of Buddhist texts should be under copyright. No-one should be prosecuted for carrying out the spiritual duty of spreading the Dhamma. Unfortunately, though, we have to protect ourselves from potential litigation.

I have written about my views on copyright at some length here: