Dr. Fumi Yao on Translating the Vinaya—Mūlasarvāstivāda Chapter on Medicines (Bhaiṣajyavastu)

The translation:


I’m so happy to see this, I would love to see more Tibetan materials in English. <3 <3<3 I am so impressed by anyone who knows Tibetan & by the work of everyone in this project.

I was a bit distracted, however, by the number of terms that Dr. Yao left untranslated. For example, speakers of Malay would easily recognise that untranslated word gu.da (gula) is sugar. The point being that .d can also represent .l between vowels.

**although maybe this is just retaining a term which was transliterated in Tibetan as a transliteration in English?

But first generation translation is always a bit like that…it’s just the start & I am so grateful for the chance to read this text.


Here are some more pages with links to her work: