Easter Egg 🥚 4

And another :trophy: for @sabbamitta, whose insomnia led her to do some midnight sleuthing and find 3 of the 5 Easter Eggs on the site.

Easter Egg 4: Why do you read?

When George Lucas met this Tibetan Buddhist rinpoche, he used him as the model for Yoda, the wise Jedi master in Star Wars :yoda_sw: .


This is one of the famous quotes from Yoda from the iconic scene where Yoda and the Jedi council consider young Anakin Skywalker’s “ordination” as a Jedi Knight :lightsaber: , and a very wise lesson for all of us.

Anakin’s fear and attachment to his mother and to Padmé eventually lead him to go down the path to the Dark Side :lightsaber_red: and become Darth Vader :vader: .

When we look deep into ourselves, is fear not often a driving force? Maybe that is why I read …

I also want to share a talk by Bhante Sujato on the topic of Star Wars here:

So now you still need to find the last Easter Egg: Who is Yodha?


It’s getting a bit crowded meanwhile on my trophy shelf… but thanks again for it!

Actually, I wouldn’t have been able to recognise this quote unless a very wise and kind person had shared their wisdom and knowledge about Yoda with me a couple of weeks ago… thanks to that person for their kindness! :heart: :wink:

“Maybe that is why I read the suttas”—is that what you are going to say here? Thanks so much for this Easter Egg, it also resonates deeply with me!