Easter Eggs 🥚 on SuttaCentral

Here’s the second one then: "

  1. an unexpected or undocumented feature in a piece of computer software or on a DVD, included as a joke or a bonus.

My question is, is it a joke, or a bonus? :laughing::egg::egg:

with hassa,



I always heard that nagas where have human half snake, but I recently learned that they are actually closer to dragons than snakes.


The Suttas themselves are treasure enough for me. If I find an Easter egg, I think it will be by syncronicity.


I just tried the Konami Code to no avail. I give up.

If we don’t find the Eggs by Easter Monday you should start randomly banning people… jk lol


In the commercial world, these (“Easter Eggs”) are s/t hidden away in software products as a sort of expression of developer cleverness, a sort of inside joke. Also been known to list names of the developers in corporate situations where that’s otherwise frowned on.

When i was working as ParcPlace Systems (“PPS” - the Smalltalk-80 vendor in the 1980s-1990s), the lead crew stuck such a self-advertisement into a release once, but it got caught during alpha-testing, and didn’t get out the door.

I would guess what’s going on here now is (at least what used to be called) beta-testing, i.e. by a sampling of customers. Debugging done before the release here the other day being alpha-testing (by the developer and QA teams).

With any significant software system, it’s never completely bug-free. Release was allowed, as per the system used at PPS when I was in QA there when: 1) new functionality works; 2) older functionality still works; 3) no “show-stoppers” known.

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The first 4 Easter Eggs have been found. We are still missing one with the hint: Who is Yodha? Sofar I have not seen anything that comes anywhere close. The PTS Dictionary entry is a genuine entry from the PTS Dictionary and is not a joke.

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When I made my first reply in this thread

I was unsure first if all the hints were pointing to one and the same Easter Egg or each one to another egg. Assuming the first option I tried to find some connection that links all the hints together, but when coming across the second egg it became clear to me that this cannot be the case. :grin:

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As nobody sofar has managed to find the last Easter Egg, I will give another hint.

Hint 1: Who is Yodha?
Hint 2: Where on the new SC site can you find a list of people and the suttas they appear in?

Okay, I’ve made it much too easy now :smile:


Now I know where it is but my phone wont let me go there


The names index won’t populate for me in Firefox or Chromium:


lol best scavenger hunt in which i have observed ever! Plus Buddhists as lol keystone cops scavengers! For easter bunny eggs! ahhh lol

one feels great affection for a species.


Works on my phone:

New photo by Alfred Conlan

…what is a nunk? =D


Cross between an Nun and Monk, I think? Perhaps Ayya @vimalanyani could clarify :heart:

The link leads to here


sadhu, sadhu, sadhu, & ty.


Yeah! @aconlan gets the :trophy: for finding this one.

That’s bad. What if you do a refresh? Does the console say anything?

A genderless monastic. In fact, we are all just monastics anyway.
Indeed, clicking on the DD link behind it explains it all.


For me it does exactly the same, but it’s on Chrome. :disappointed_relieved:

But - congrats, @aconlan, for finding this one! This night I had a good sleep instead of looking for Easter Eggs—which is probably much better for my health. :sweat_smile:


There are font errors that appear on the other indexes as well but on the names index there is a 404 for the en.json file in the /static_names/ folder:

it looks like it should be pointing to the /static_names-page/ instead. Like:


Thanks! I’m glad you slept well :grinning::pray:

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