Easter Eggs 🥚 on SuttaCentral

Now the new site has been launched, there are 5 Easter Eggs to be found. For those of you who do not know what this means, I refer to the Google Define function (hint: It’s NOT the first definition).

If you find one, please post it here. The Easter Eggs that have not been found by Easter Monday I will make known here and I might post some hints in the mean time.

Happy Easter Egg hunting! :egg: :egg: :egg:


I know that Easter Eggs don’t actually have anything to do with Eggs, but for some reason I felt a compulsion to do a search for “egg” and found this translation from SN29.11-20:

Seated to one side, that mendicant said to the Buddha: “Sir, what is the cause, what is the reason why someone, when their body breaks up, after death, is reborn in the company of the egg-born dragons?”

Is this one, or did Bhante Sujato ACTUALLY TRANSLATE NĀGĀ AS DRAGON.


:dragon_face: Well, what’s wrong with dragons? They are pretty cool :dragon:.


:joy: Indeed, they are! For some reason though, “egg-born dragons” was not something I was expecting in a sutta. :sweat_smile:


Here’s the second one then: "

  1. an unexpected or undocumented feature in a piece of computer software or on a DVD, included as a joke or a bonus.

My question is, is it a joke, or a bonus? :laughing::egg::egg:

with hassa,



I always heard that nagas where have human half snake, but I recently learned that they are actually closer to dragons than snakes.


The Suttas themselves are treasure enough for me. If I find an Easter egg, I think it will be by syncronicity.


I just tried the Konami Code to no avail. I give up.

If we don’t find the Eggs by Easter Monday you should start randomly banning people… jk lol


In the commercial world, these (“Easter Eggs”) are s/t hidden away in software products as a sort of expression of developer cleverness, a sort of inside joke. Also been known to list names of the developers in corporate situations where that’s otherwise frowned on.

When i was working as ParcPlace Systems (“PPS” - the Smalltalk-80 vendor in the 1980s-1990s), the lead crew stuck such a self-advertisement into a release once, but it got caught during alpha-testing, and didn’t get out the door.

I would guess what’s going on here now is (at least what used to be called) beta-testing, i.e. by a sampling of customers. Debugging done before the release here the other day being alpha-testing (by the developer and QA teams).

With any significant software system, it’s never completely bug-free. Release was allowed, as per the system used at PPS when I was in QA there when: 1) new functionality works; 2) older functionality still works; 3) no “show-stoppers” known.

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The first 4 Easter Eggs have been found. We are still missing one with the hint: Who is Yodha? Sofar I have not seen anything that comes anywhere close. The PTS Dictionary entry is a genuine entry from the PTS Dictionary and is not a joke.

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When I made my first reply in this thread

I was unsure first if all the hints were pointing to one and the same Easter Egg or each one to another egg. Assuming the first option I tried to find some connection that links all the hints together, but when coming across the second egg it became clear to me that this cannot be the case. :grin:

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As nobody sofar has managed to find the last Easter Egg, I will give another hint.

Hint 1: Who is Yodha?
Hint 2: Where on the new SC site can you find a list of people and the suttas they appear in?

Okay, I’ve made it much too easy now :smile:


Now I know where it is but my phone wont let me go there


The names index won’t populate for me in Firefox or Chromium:


lol best scavenger hunt in which i have observed ever! Plus Buddhists as lol keystone cops scavengers! For easter bunny eggs! ahhh lol

one feels great affection for a species.


Works on my phone:

New photo by Alfred Conlan

…what is a nunk? =D


Cross between an Nun and Monk, I think? Perhaps Ayya @vimalanyani could clarify :heart:

The link leads to here