Easter Egg 🥚 1

Following on from the Easter Egg thread, I will give a few hints here. The first one is not really a hint but a dead give-away because otherwise you would never find it.

Easter Egg 1:

Go to any page in pali in latin script and press ALT-M.
That’s it. See what happens.

This will be extremely exciting for some and very boring for others :grin:

Explanation: In the beginning, ṃ was more widely available in many fontsets and hence became more widely used. When it came to usage on SuttaCentral, Bhante Sujato was unable to persuade his colleagues to change to ṁ, so it stayed with ṃ. So you have the possibility to choose now.

For the geeks: this javascript function is called deathToTheBeast.

Hints for other Easter Eggs

I’m just giving you some cryptic hints for now.

  1. What are the Buddha’s words?

  2. Metta Sutta

  3. Who is Yodha?

  4. Why do you read the suttas?


Evaṁ me sutaṁ Alt+M<–>Evaṃ me sutaṃ

Nice :smile:


Nothing happens that I can see (ṃ not changing) except my cursor disappearing, until I move my mouse and it reappears. I am on a Mac with Firefox. Tried it on:

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Great to have the option. :heart:

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That’s too bad. But considering that it’s just a joke I will not do any troubleshooting on this. I suspect that when Firefox is able to upgrade their browser in May a lot of those problems will disappear.

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:joy: :heart: :joy: :heart: :joy: :heart: :joy: :heart:

I love you folks!

And here is an award for post of the… undefined period :scroll:

Oh and btw,

Works in Firefox for me.

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I just had a thought what it might be: if your computer has ALT-M already defined for some other function. I do not know enough about Mac to be sure about this but it might be why it does not work.

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Thank @Blake for that name :slight_smile:

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Just to clarify, this funny m actually should read as ng with a mute g, right? “Evang me suttang

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Yes, indeed. You can find a whole lot of resources on correct pali pronounciation here:

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Thanks for the tip @Vimala . :slight_smile: I would have never thought to spontaneously pres Alt+M within SC just to see what happens. The few key combos (you know, like Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V) I use are always assumed to be something Firefox itself listens to, but not the site I’m visiting.


Waking up in the middle of the night, not being able to sleep again—just have to get at this riddle, and this is what I found:

The Buddha’s words are what we find in the suttas… or is it what Buddhist monks teach? :wink:

untroubled, free from hate and enmity

see snp 1.8/en/mills

Does that anything to solve te riddle? :thinking:

Note: I am the most unfamiliar-with-Star-Wars-movies person ever—you can ask a certain monk whose talks I once had to translate… but I am working hard in order to increase my knowledge! :lightsaber:


Found another strange thing, referring to some of the hints:

When clicking “Read this sutta” it takes me to …/kp9/en/anandajoti, a parallel to the metta sutta. But the actual quote “Don’t panic” doesn’t appear in the text! :smiley:


I don’t get the point with the photos – but, having noted the “Bildschirmfoto…” file designations that appear when the cursor hovers over them did lead to discovering how to upload images – here’s the test:

And nice video clip from one of the StarWars series I haven’t seen. Yoda seems StarWars equivalent of an ariya.? Interesting too the association – the kid (child Darth Vader?) mentions only the feeling of cold; Yoda senses (~ dhamma-eye?) great fear; in classical Chinese medical correspondences, “kidney” (deepest, constitutional) energetic functionality associates with both cold and fear.


The pictures are answers to the original poster’s questions quoted each time before the respective pics. I guess you were mainly wondering about those referred to No. 3 “Who is Yodha?”. The pictures are:

  • How Yodha defines themselves in their user profile (taken from a post related to the new SC website)
  • What the Pali dictionary says
  • A link Ven. Yodha is making between their name and the Star Wars character Yoda.

The fourth question of the original poster “Why do you read the suttas?” made me look at these quotes displayed on the homepage of SC, and there was just one that didn’t quite right fit into the category! That’s the one in the last screenshot. And then I added the source where this quote is actually from, that’s the video.

Hope this helps!

Like your picture :grin:


Do these quotes actually disappear after taking a screenshot of them? I can’t find this one any more! :open_mouth:

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Nice try. They are not actually riddles but pointers to where in the new site you can look for the jokes.

In any case, you found 2 of them and I will discuss them in separate posts. Well done!

That’s a bit strange. It should take you to /kp9 and not to the English translation … anyway, you are on the right track for the ‘Metta Sutta’-egg, but not quite there yet.



There is actually a very interesting translation of the Metta Sutta here:


Well done on your nuremous findings @sabbamitta,

The Galadriel translations look quite nice on your screen, and not so much on mine.

I must be missing something!


But that’s funny too! :joy: