English Majjhima Nikāya 3 uploaded

I’ve uploaded two versions of the English translation of the Majjhima Nikāya 3, the Dhammadāyāda Sutta, which have been so kindly coded for us by @Brother_Joe. :anjal:

We cannot show more than one version on SuttaCentral so the version that is on the site is from Sister Uppalavanna:

The other version by an unknown translator can be accessed if you have this direct link:



can’t it be added to the list of links in the Navigation panel under the sidebar?

We will have the choice of multiple translations of one language in the next version of sutta central :slight_smile:


Ayya, I’m afraid this is Bhikkhu Bodhi’s translation, and must be taken down. Whoever uploaded it to Wikipitaka merely made some surface changes to Ven Bodhi’s text. @Brother_Joe, you can’t rely on texts from that site. Hosting this material exposes us to DMCA claims by the publisher. Sad, I know, but there you have it. Anyway, just make sure that any texts are free of copyright claims before preparing them, thanks.

In addition, we should not add multiple texts at this time, but focus on proper development. If there are poorly translated texts that can be improved, that’s fine, but normally, we should only add texts that we are missing.


Thanks very much Venerable for keeping us on the straight and narrow.

I’ll make a note about not using texts from that site and texts without clear usage permission.


Thanks for your understanding, Ven. It is sad that we, the Sangha, the traditional custodians of the texts, cannot carry out our traditional duty of sharing the Dhamma without incurring possible criminal liability. But that is the world we live in.


I have removed the translation from our servers and left the one from Sister Uppalavanna.


I have now also uploaded MN 5 from Sister Uppalavanna with gratitude to @Brother_Joe!


Dear Ven Sujato

If I recall well, Ven Vimala said to me in an email that the translations from Sister Uppalavanna are open source. I have tried to locate some written text online confirming that, so I can put something relevant re copyright in, for example, MN3 and MN5.

Do you know where I might find that, or could you make a suggestion as to what I could put?

with gratitude

We used to have a lot of external links to her translations to the website http://www.metta.lk/tipitaka/index.html, but that was down so much that we took it off.

The following we have on the site at the moment:

MN 120:
<p>Translated by <span class="author">Sister Uppalavaṇṇā</span>. Text taken from <a href="http://www.metta.lk/tipitaka/2Sutta-Pitaka/2Majjhima-Nikaya/Majjhima3/120-sankharuppatti-e.html" target="_blank">metta.lk</a>.</p>
<p>For this SuttaCentral edition, some modifications were made by <span class="author">Bhikkhu Sujato</span>, 2014.</p>

MN 129:
<p>© Sister Uppalavanna, and made available by her for free distribution.</p>
<p>Retrieved from http://obo.genaud.net/dhamma-vinaya/mnl/mn/mn.129.upal.mnl.htm</p>

MN 68:
<p>Adapted by <span class="author">Leigh Brasington</span> from the translation by <span class="author">Sister Upalavanna</span> at the Metta.lk website: http://www.metta.lk/tipitaka/index.html</p>
<p>Retrieved from http://www.leighb.com/mn68.htm</p>

Yes, that’s right, her translations are not restricted by copyright. However, they are of very poor quality, and I don’t want to host them here. In fact they are no more than rough student’s exercises, which Ayya Uppalavanna made for her own benefit to help studying Pali. They were never intended for publication, and she agreed to have them published only reluctantly, because there were no others available. My long term intention has always been to remove all links to these translations when better ones became available. If you want to add texts from the Majjhima, I would suggest to adapt those by IB Horner.

Thanks Sister Vimala. I was hoping for some external verification.

ok, thanks, Ven Sujato. I see they are all at http://obo.genaud.net/dhamma-vinaya/pts/mn/.

Should I replace the ones from Bhikkhu Bodhi with Horner’s too e.g. MN 1,2 4 and 6…?

No, keep Ven Bodhi’s.

If you’d like to do all of IB Horner’s MN translations, that would be great. For now, we can use the ones that are missing for use currently. So we would use Ven Bodhi’s preferably, then fall back to Horner’s. In the next iteration of the site, coming late this year, we will enable multiple translations, so we can then use all of them.

thanks for that.

Started downloading it – note: oddly, MN 6 and MN7 both are internally labeled “Sutta 6”

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Thanks, this should be corrected.

Sorry, but where exactly is this? If they were labelled with the wrong ID, they would not show up.

The index (http://obo.genaud.net/dhamma-vinaya/pts/mn/) shows:

mn.006.horn.pts.htm 06-Nov-2016 04:11 25K
mn.007.horn.pts.htm 06-Nov-2016 04:11 38K

Click on the first one, it shows:
"…Sutta 6
Ākaṇkheyya Suttaɱ[1]
Discourse On What One May Wish…"

Click on the second one, it shows:
"…Sutta 6
Vatthūpama Suttaɱ[1]
Discourse On the Simile of the Cloth…"

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Thank you. I thought it was on our site. Indeed, that will need to be changed when it is made available for SC.