Epub, Kindle Dhammapada translated by Bhikkhu Sujato—English & Pali-English

Much gratitude to Bhante Sujato for making his translations available to be reformatted and distributed.

Unlike the previous ebooks I have done with Pali and English, the verse here have all of the lines of Pali grouped together followed by all the lines of the translation. I was able to do this by using the JSON files of the Bilara data. If anyone is interested in hearing how I did that, I could post the code up on github and explain.

Being able to do this is one of the reasons I finally decided to learn some coding. And a big thank you to @Khemarato.bhikkhu for his encouragement and support in those endeavors.

As always, please report errors with the format of the ebook itself here in this thread, but otherwise report translation errors in the latest error feedback thread, usually pinned to the top of the feedback category page.

PS: here is a page with links to all of Bhante’s ebooks that I have done.



Any reason you didn’t include Bhante’s introductory essay? :pray::slightly_smiling_face:

If we purchase a copy, does any of the money go to support suttacentral?

Pardon? These are completely free to download.


Thank you for the link. I have downloaded the newest eBook.

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Sadhu Anumodana for sharing and with deep reverence to Bhante Sujato . With deep gratitude and rejoice :pray:

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Generally I only include the sutta text. Also, the essay still seems to be a bit “fresh” so there might still be changes.

Hopefully the SC publication project will be finished soon so people can generate their own ebooks that will include the intros.