EPUBs are go!


And with a flourish and a ta-da, I announce: we now support EPUB export from SuttaCentral!

EPUBs are available via the Downloads page from the main menu. They cover only the new, SC-produced “segmented” translations; we will not be offering EPUB support for older translations. Currently this is only my translations, others will be added in due course.

The EPUBs are valid EPUB 3.0, and should work on most up-to-date readers. However, the world of EPUB readers is a wild and woolly one, and we cannot provide specific fixes for each and every combination of device and software. For Android, I recommend Lithium reader.

There are a number of other changes with this update, including a number of text and other corrections.

SuttaCentral Update

It is so cool…! :star_struck:


Sadhu Sadhu!

This is wonderful.

Quick typo… There is an erroneous () at the end of MN 9.

Someone had suggested in a previous thread on epubs that it would be useful to put the date of generation in the book so one would be able to tell if they had the most recent version.

Also a formatting suggestion for the Thag and Thig, since they are entirely composed of verses the books would be more readable on small devices if the margins were normal. I realize they all have a final line that is not verse.


I just uploaded the Therigatha to Google books, and it works fantastically!

Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu!


I’d just like to express my gratitude for the EPUBs. They look wonderful! :sparkling_heart::dharmawheel: (For anyone interested, I’m using the Readium App for Chromebook.)

I would recommend version management. For example, the current edition could be named Long Discourses—Spring 2019, the next version Long Discourses—Summer 2019 (if there are revisions by June 21) and so on, storing the EPUBs instead of generating them live and publishing at most four editions each year (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) on an as-needed (possibly automated) basis. Perhaps a special page on SC, linked to on the downloads page, could list past editions. This would provide easy-to-reference “critical editions” of the translations. For changes made during the past three months, interested readers can consult the online “live” translations on SC.


Thanks, we’ll give some thought to versioning.

In fact all our texts are under version control via github. That allows anyone to check any change, however minute, to any text at any time since the creation of the repo.

This is great, but it’s too granular for most people.

A simple approach would be to put a “downloaded” date in the EPUB. That way at least you can tell it it’s earlier or later. And if you need to, you can always check it against the repo to see the detailed changes.

The best option would be to introduce a “semantic versioning” for texts. I’d like to do that, but it would take a bit to implement. I’ll discuss it with the team.