Error in AN 8.29 translation?

Hi, everyone,

I think I’ve stumbled across a minor translation error/typo.

AN 8.29 provides a list of possible inopportune times for spiritual practice. The 8th inopportune circumstance is mentioned in SC 8.1-8.2. The Bhikkhu Sujato translation is as follows:

Furthermore, a Realized One has arisen in the world
But he doesn’t teach the Dhamma leading to peace, extinguishment, awakening, as proclaimed by the Holy One. And a person is reborn in a central country. And they’re wise, bright, clever, and able to distinguish what is well said from what is poorly said.

This doesn’t make a lot of sense…how could a Realized One arise in the world, but not teach the Dhamma? So I checked out the Pali, and the word here is “anuppanno”, or “not arisen.” So it would seem like this should instead read like the Bhikkhu Bodhi translation:

Again, a Tathāgata has not arisen in the world … and the Dhamma leading to peace, nibbāna, and enlightenment is not taught as proclaimed by a Fortunate One.

…which makes more sense —The Dhamma isn’t proclaimed because there is no arisen Tathāgata.


I think the Ven Sujato translation is following the Pāli more closely. I can’t see any negation in the first clause. It seems to describe a scenario where there is a Buddha but he has not yet taught?

Edit: nope. Never mind the above. I just wasn’t seeing it.

No, you’re right, it says anuppanno, my bad, I’ll fix it. Thanks!