Error in English translation of Arv 14

I found error in English translation on Arv 14:

… 1. Here, monastics, a monastic regarding bad and unwholesome thoughts that have not yet arisen, …

Supposedly is:

… 1. Here, monastics, a monastic regarding bad and unwholesome thoughts that have arisen, …

I hope someone can fix it… :slight_smile:


Thanks Jhindra, we’ll look into it.


Thank you! It seems indeed correct to me:

‘utpannānāṁ’ = have arisen (number 1)
‘Anutpannānāṁ’ = have not yet arisen (number 2)

Bhante, do I have that correct? I’ll change it on the new site and notify Ven. Anandajoti.


Yes, Jhindra is right. The sequence of the clauses is different than the Pali, so it looks like some confusion crept in there.


Thank you Bhante and Ayya… :slight_smile:

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Dear Jhindra,

I already received an answer from Ven. Anandajoti (the text comes from his website as is mentioned in the metadata)

Dear Ayyā, thank you so much for pointing that out. The problem has arisen because Vaidya in the text has mistakenly written Anutpannānāṁ ca pāpakānām-akuśalānāṁ dharmāṇāṁ, in both the first and second lines. I later took the initiative to correct that (and many other slips). Anyway, it is corrected online now. Much merit. Metta, Anandajoti


Hmmm it means the Indonesian translation I have made must be corrected too…


:slight_smile: Yes please. Let me know what need to be changed.

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Well, I made my own Indonesian translation too… 24 of 26 part have done. Maybe tomorrow I will compete it… And you have finished it… :smile:

Ok, I have mailed the correction with several other minor corrections :smiley:

For @jhindra, you can also submit your translation for alternative reading, isn’t it Ayya @vimala?

really? :smile:

How to submit?

I must have missed these posts back in January.
But yes, if you have translations, we are now able to upload several translations in the same language for different authors.
You can send them to me. I will email you so you have my email.

Many thanks ayya… :slight_smile:

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