First Bengali texts on SuttaCentral

I’ve uploaded the first Bengali texts to SuttaCentral: a translation of the Therāpadāna and Therīapadāna by Ven. Karunabangsha Bhikkhu and coded by Ayya Kathrin @vimalanyani. :pray:

We will add more texts in the future. The main problem with these texts is that they have not been written in a unicode font and it needs to be converted, which takes time.


Proud of as a native Bengali reader. Sometime it is difficult to under main concept sutta. It is more easy to understand teaching of the Tathagata. Especially thanks all admins and creative founder of sutta central.
With metta


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Thank you for this Bengali translation @Vimala.
My Bengali is a bit rusty, need someone to translate in English the line at the end .

“চার প্রতিসম্ভিদা, অষ্ট বিমোক্ষ ও ষড়ভিজ্ঞা সাক্ষাৎ করে আমি বুদ্ধের শাসনে কৃতকার্য হয়েছি।”

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Thank you @Vimala . I needed that line in English please.

This is Jonathan Walters’ translation:

The four analytical modes,
and these eight deliverances,
six special knowledges mastered,
I have done what the Buddha taught!

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So we have some bangladeshi monks on the course i’m teaching, i just showed them the bengalis texts on SC! :pray:


Thank you @Dhammanando . I looked up further on analytical modes and 6 special knowledges.

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