Free medicineless way of treating headaches due to meditation

It seems many people are having headaches and migraines or stiff neck etc. It may be due to stress of works, studies , cause by continuous efforts of doing sitting meditation etc etc . And you don’t want to take aspirin or painkillers some sort like that .
Well , you can do some massaging on your both pollex thumbs or big toes .
Unless you are having hypertension then you should seek doctor for proper treatment .

What are the logic behind your big toe and the headaches?

If you maintain a proper posture this may not be the case.
In fact, it may help alleviate a headache.

I wonder if you know the Chinese reflexology of the reflective parts of the qi point of the body ? The big toes reflect the heads part of the body .

Do you know this by your own experience?

Not only postures in meditation that will cause headaches but some people may have health problems and mental stress . Then this will help .

Yes, I learned it from a Chinese Physician , because once in a while I have migraines .
And I felt an immediate release .

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Perhaps this may apply only for the tension related headaches.

Doubts , : :thinking:
is one of the the hindrances to your own health recovery !

So what you are saying is the success of massaging the toe for a headache is the placebo effect?

Come on just do it for your own health goodness , what is to loose anyway ?!

You lose your precious time by doing fruitless activities.

So be it ! If you think it is so .

Sorry, I will try this tow massaging therapy next time I have a headache.
But I still wish to know how it works.

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Reflexology is the application of appropriate pressure to specific points and areas on the feet, hands, or ears. Accordingly it is believe that these reflex points correspond to different body organs and systems, and that pressing them has a beneficial effect on the person’s health.

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I’ve noticed a pattern that great meditation masters throughout history in different meditative traditions have said exactly, or analogously “When the 4 elements are in harmony, then health is excellent.”: Ajahn Lee says this, it says this is in dhyana samadhi sutra, in the EBT its implied but not so explicitly stated, but in Taoist alchemy and Chinese medicine its explicit and detailed in how things are mapped.

If you meditate a lot, correctly (i.e. you can do jhanas), you’ll notice the body goes through this general change in stages:

  1. body is stiff, heavy, brittle, ice
  2. body becomes more liquid
  3. body becomes very light weight, more and more everyday. For example, I feel like my arms are weightlesss, that I can keep them lifted up for hours without any strain. My legs and hips, which years ago used to be stiff, I can cross my legs into full lotus without using my hands, and eventually I’ll be able to do it as easily as someone crossing their arms across their chest. I used to be able to crack my spine by doing spinal twists simlar to what a chiropractor to do, but as the body gradually transforms to the point where it’s like your spine is floating in a bag of water and joint cracking gradually disappears.
  4. body fading out, visible light becomes more abundant. Lumininosity is the currency of the 6 abhiñña.

When the 4 elements aren’t harmonized, various body parts will feel stiff and pressure. If the pressure is in the certain parts of your head, you might feel headache.

When my meditation is getting warmed up, I feel pressure dissolve and move around different parts of the body, in a very fluid dynamic way. If the pressure stayed in my head, I coudl see it becoming a headache. But because I have enough internal energy, heat and force, the pressure moves around all over the body, melts and dissolves pretty quickly, in minutees or seconds.

Accupressure works, for those of you whose internal energy, heat and force aren’t strong enough to adjust the things automatically in meditation.

Lots of things are connected to the fingers and toes. “PUll my finger”, for example, is not just a great party trick, it’s a real thing. If people have digestive gas, you can set off the release through massaging your fingers and toes, and really, any part of your body that feels pressure, heaviness. The entire skin covering the body, fingers, toes, hands, feet, ears, head, are more of the extremeties where qi doesn’t flow so well.

Doing meditation, taiji quan, yoga, targeted accupressure, western exercises, all relieve some of the tension/heaviness/pressure in various body parts to some extent.

I don’t know the detailed mappings of which point associates with which ailment, but I know for a fact that if there’s pressure/heaviness/tension/pain somewhere in the body, there will be some health problem or at the minimum subobtimal performance). And if you do the combination of meditation and exercises from the previous paragraph, you’ll figure out the best combo eventually how to melt all of the pressure and tensions (along with the headaches and other health ailments).

“The four elements are harmonized, health is perfect.” Sounds like an annoying trite thing that meditation masters say, but actually it’s just like that, as simple as that. The problem is people don’t believe them and do the practice.


Common primary headaches include migraines, cluster headaches, and tension headaches [and excessive concentration based meditation]
Secondary headaches:
alcohol-induced hangover
brain tumor
blood clots
bleeding in or around the brain
"brain freeze," or ice-cream headaches
carbon monoxide poisoning
teeth-grinding at night
overuse of pain medication, known as rebound headaches
panic attacks
As headaches can be a symptom of a serious condition, it is important to seek medical advice if they become more severe, regular, or persistent.
For example, if a headache is more painful and disruptive than previous headaches, worsens, or fails to improve with medication or is accompanied by other symptoms such as confusion, fever, sensory changes, and stiffness in the neck, a doctor should be contacted immediately.
Alternative approaches include:
cognitive behavior therapy
herbal and nutritional health products

With metta

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This may be the reason why it is healthier to walk barefoot.