French sutta translations by Môhan Wijayaratna

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This purpose of this wiki is to compile a list of all sutta translations into French by Môhan Wijayaratna which he included in his anthologies. Please help us update this list as M Wijayaratna’s translations are published across numerous anthologies, most of which are out of print (as are his complete translations of the Dīghanikāya and the Majjhimanikāya).

Not only do these anthologies reflect those suttas which M Wijayaratna considered most important for study; in many of the anthologies – if not all – he includes his own priceless commentary. (Currently I only have Les entretiens du Bouddha and Sermons du Bouddha in my possession.)

Currently the sources include:
Au delà de la mort (Éditions LIS, Paris, 1996)
La philosophie du Bouddha (publishing information forthcoming)
Le dernier voyage du Bouddha (Éditions LIS, Paris, 1998)
Les entretiens du Bouddha: La traduction intégrale de 21 textes du canon bouddhique (Éditions du Seuil, Paris, 2001)
Sermons du Bouddha: La traduction intégrale de 20 textes du canon bouddhique (Editions du Seuil, 2006)


This wiki was initiated by BethL. Currently she uses this format:
(1) MW ADM = Au delà de la mort, MW PDB = La philosophie du Bouddha, MW DVB = Le dernier voyage du Bouddha, MW SDB = Sermons du Bouddha and MW EDB = Les entriens du Bouddha;
(2) A. I 187-191 (Kālāma-sutta) = MW’s Pali Text Society reference, followed by a Pāli sutta name;
(3) L’accès aux libres examens = MW’s thematic naming of the sutta (only in SDB);
(4) AN 3.65 Kesamuttisutta = SuttaCentral’s reference, followed by a Pāli sutta name; and
(5) With the Kālāmas of Kesamutta = Bhante Sujato’s thematic naming of the sutta in SuttaCentral.

Suttas are listed in order of DN, MN, SN, AN, and KN.

List of Translated Suttas

MW EDB: D. I 111-126 (Sōṇadaṇḍa-sutta)
DN 4 Soṇadaṇḍasutta
With Soṇadaṇḍa

MW EDB: D. I 127-149 (Kūṭadanta-sutta)
DN 5 Kūṭadantasutta
With Kūṭadanta

MW SDB: D. I 235-253 (Tevijja-sutta)
DN 13 Tevijjasutta
Où sont les vrais brāhmanes?
The Three Knowledges

MW EDB: D. II 55-71 (Mahā-Nidāna-sutta)
DN 15 Mahānidānasutta
The Great Discourse on Causation

MW DVB: D. II 2.72-2.168 (Mahāparinibbāna-sutta)
DN 16 Mahāparinibbānasutta
The Great Discourse on the Buddha’s Extinguishment

MW PDB: M. I 1-6 (Mūlapariyāya-Sutta)
MN 1 Mūlapariyāyasutta
The Root of All Things

MW SDB: M. I 83-90 (Mahā-Dukkhakkandha-sutta)
MN 13 Mahādukkhakkhandhasutta
Un grand monceau de dukkha
The Longer Discourse on the Mass of Suffering

MW PDB: M. I 130-142 (Alagaddūpama-Sutta)
MN 22 Alagaddūpamasutta
The Simile of the Cobra

MW SDB: M. I 192-197 (Mahā-Sārōpama-sutta)
MN 29 Mahāsāropamasutta
Le cœur d’un grand arbre solide
The Longer Simile of the Heartwood

MW PDB: M. I 256-271 (Mahā-Taṇhāsaṅkhaya-Sutta)
MN 38 Mahātaṇhāsaṅkhayasutta
The Longer Discourse on the Ending of Craving

MW SDB: M. I 414-420 (Ambalaṭṭhikā-Rāhulōvāda-sutta)
MN 61 Ambalaṭṭhikarāhulovādasutta
L’utilité de l’attention
Advice to Rāhula at Ambalaṭṭhika

MW SDB: M. I 426-432 (Cūḷa-Māluṅkyā-sutta)
MN 63 Cūḷamālukyasutta
Les questions inutiles
The Shorter Discourse With Māluṅkya

MW PDB: M. I 483-489 (Aggi-Vacchagotta-Sutta)
MN 72 Aggivacchasutta
With Vacchagotta on Fire

MW PDB: M.I 497-501 (Dīghanakha-Sutta)
MN 74 Dīghanakhasutta
With Dīghanakha

MW PDB: M.I 501-513 (Māgandiya-Sutta)
MN 75 Māgaṇḍiyasutta
With Māgaṇḍiya

MW PDB: M. II 29-39 (Cūḷa-Sukuludāyi-Sutta)[sic]
MN 79 Cūḷasakuludāyisutta
The Shorter Discourse With Sakuludāyī

MW EDB: M. II 106-112 (Piyajātika-sutta)
MN 87 Piyajātikasutta
Born From the Beloved

MW PDB: M. III 71-78 (Mahā-Cattārisaka-Sutta)
MN 117 Mahācattārīsakasutta
The Great Forty

MW SDB: M. III 104-109 (Cūḷa-Suññata-sutta)
MN 121 Cūḷasuññatasutta
La vacuité
The Shorter Discourse on Emptiness

MW ADM and PDB: M. III 202-206 (Cūḷa-Kammavibhaṅga-Sutta)
MN 135 Cūḷakammavibhaṅgasutta
The Shorter Analysis of Deeds

MW ADM and PDB: M. III 207-215 (Mahā-Kammavibhaṅga-Sutta)
MN 136 Mahākammavibhaṅgasutta
The Longer Analysis of Deeds

MW EDB: M. III 215-222 (Saḷāyatanavighaṇga-sutta)
MN 137 Saḷāyatanavibhaṅgasutta
The Analysis of the Six Sense Fields

MW SDB: M. III 298-302 (Indriyabhāvanā-sutta)
MN 152 Indriyabhāvanāsutta
Le développement des facultés sensorielles
The Development of the Faculties

MW SDB: S. I 82-85 (Saṅgāma-sutta)
SN 3.14 Paṭhamasaṅgāmasutta, SN 3.15 Dutiyasaṅgāmasutta
La guerre et la paix
Battle (1st and 2nd)

MW SDB: S. I 91-92 (Aputtaka-sutta)
SN 3.20 Dutiyaaputtakasutta
La richesse chez l’avare
Childless (2nd)

MW SDB: S. I 100-102 (Pabbatūpama-sutta)
SN 3.25 Pabbatūpamasutta
La guerre pendant les avalanches
The Simile of the Mountain

MW EDB: S. II 16-17 (Kaccāyanagotta-sutta)
SN 12.15 Kaccānagottasutta

MW SDB: S. II 16-19 (Acela-sutta)
SN 12.17 Acelakassapasutta
La coproduction conditionnée
With Kassapa, the Naked Ascetic

MW EDB: S. II 25-26 (Bhāra-sutta)
SN 22.22 Bhārasutta
The Burden

MW EDB: S. II 94-95 (Assutavā-sutta)
SN 12.61 Assutavāsutta

MW EDB: S. II 104-107 (Nagara-sutta)
SN 12.65 Nagarasutta
The City

MW EDB: S. III 1-5 (Nakula-sutta)
SN 22.1 Nakulapitusutta
Nakula’s Father

MW EDB: S. III 14-18 (Upadhiparitassanā-sutta)
SN 22.7 Upādāparitassanāsutta
Anxiety Because of Grasping

MW SDB: S. III 66-67 (Anattalakkhaṇa-sutta)
SN 22.59 Anattalakkhaṇasutta
La doctrine de “Non-Soi”
The Characteristic of Not-Self

MW EDB: S. III 140-143 (Phena-sutta)
SN 22.95 Pheṇapiṇḍūpamasutta
A Lump of Foam

MW SDB: S. IV 19-20 (Ādittapariyāya-sutta)
SN 35.28 Ādittasutta

MW SDB: S. IV 179-181 (Dārukkhandha-sutta)
SN 35.241 Paṭhamadārukkhandhopamasutta
Un tronçon de bois
The Simile of the Tree Trunk (1st)

MW SDB: S. IV 230-231 (Sīvaka-sutta)
SN 36.21 Sīvakasutta
Les actions et leurs résultats
With Sīvaka

MW ADM: S. V 344-346 (Dīghāvu-Sutta)
SN 55.3 Dīghāvuupāsakasutta
With Dīghāvu

MW SDB: S. V 352-356 (Veḷudvāreyya-sutta)
SN 55.7 Veḷudvāreyyasutta
Les préceptes aux nobles
The People of Bamboo Gate

MW ADM: S. V 375-377 (Sarakāni-Sutta)
SN 55.24 Paṭhamasaraṇānisakkasutta
About Sarakāni (1st)

MW ADM: S. V 408-410 (Gilāna-Sutta)
SN 55.54 Gilānasutta

MW SDB: S. V 420-424 (Dhamma-Cakkappavattana-sutta)
SN 56.11 Dhammacakkappavattanasutta
Les quatre nobles verités
Rolling Forth the Wheel of Dhamma

MW SDB: A. I 187-191 (Kālāma-sutta)
AN 3.65 Kesamuttisutta
L’accès aux libres examens
With the Kālāmas of Kesamutta

MW EDB: A. II 172-174 (Jānussōni-sutta)
AN 4.184 Abhayasutta

MW EDB: A. III 57 (Mallikā-sutta)
AN 5.48 Alabbhanīyaṭhānasutta
AN 5.49 Kōsala

MW SDB: A. III 57-59 (Verañjaka-sutta)
AN 4.53 Paṭhamasaṁvāsasutta
Les dieux et les déesses
Living Together (1st)

MW EDB: A. III 410-417 (Nibbedikapariyāya-sutta)
AN 6.63 Nibbedhikasutta

MW SDB: A. IV 41-46 (Aggi-sutta)
AN 7.47 Dutiyaaggisutta
Le principe de non-violence
Fires (2nd)

MW EDB: A. IV 179-187 (Sīha-sutta)
AN 8.12 Sīhasutta
With Sīha

MW EDB: A. IV 190-194 (Bhaddiya-sutta)
AN 4.193 Bhaddiyasutta
With Bhaddiya

MW EDB: A. IV 281-285 (Vyagghapajja-sutta)
AN 8.54 Dīghajāṇusutta
With Dīghajāṇu

MW ADM: A. V 137-144 (Migasālā-Sutta)
AN 10.75 Migasālāsutta
With Migasālā

MW EDB: A. V 185-189 (Anāthapiṇḍika-sutta)
AN 10.93 Kiṁdiṭṭhikasutta
What Is Your View?

MW EDB: A. V 193-195 (Uttiya-sutta)
AN 10.95 Uttiyasutta
With Uttiya

MW EDB: Ud. 6-9 (Bāhiya-Sutta)
Ud 1.10 Bāhiyasutta
With Bāhiya

MW EDB: Ud. 47 (Kōsala-sutta)
Ud 5.1 Piyatarasutta
Who Is More Dear?

MW ADM: Ud. 91-92 (Visākhā-Sutta)
Ud 8.8 Visākhāsutta
With Visākhā