French translation of Digha Nikaya by Jules Bloch from 1949

I have found a French translation of the Digha Nikaya from 1949 by a writer called Jules Bloch along with two other individuals by the name of Jean Filliozat and Louis Renou. I noticed that this hasn’t been added yet.

I have also noticed that there isn’t a full French translation of the Digha Nikaya displayed on suttacentral in general.

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Thank you very much!

Looking at the OCR text version can you tell about the transcription quality? Not the translation, but how many typos there are.

My understanding is that the goal is not to publish every translation in existence on SC, but that at least having a single translation even if it is a little older is a goal.

Bhante @sujato, @noeismet, thoughts on this?


Did you find any information about copyright? Or has that already run out?

Well, it’s 75 years old. It’s listed that way on, but that isn’t always 100% accurate. It looks like the author died in 1966.

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I also recently discovered this while searching for Pāli study materials in French. I downloaded a copy for a closer look, but I haven’t yet had the opportunity to review it thoroughly. My initial impression is that it’s a valuable resource, despite its age. I have a fondness for old, dusty books, and this one certainly merits attention, even if it contains some errors. I also came across Précis de grammaire pâlie, accompagnée d’un choix de textes gradués, par Victor Henry,… Henry, Victor (1850-1907)., which is even older. While I didn’t find it very useful for studying Pāli, the scarcity of such resources in French makes it a valuable.

Additionally, I have a collection of translations graciously provided by Claude & Chandhana Le Ninan (Le Refuge Bouddhique) for legacy import—a project I began with Bhante @sujato’s help but it had to be paused due to other priorities.

If someone could train me thoroughly in file preparation for legacy imports, I could offer my assistance.


I am happy to assist in whatever way I can with the legacy imports. When you are ready, please send me a DM.


Are you french or a french-speaker ? I’m just curious …

Hello @Sikkhakamo :pray: I am not sure who you are addressing this question to, but if it is to me, yes I am a native French speaker, I am based in the French-speaking region of Switzerland.

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Dear @noeismet , thank you very much for the sharing. I was adressing my message to Snowbird ahahah

By the way, anumodāna sādhu for your effort in translating french ! I’m trying to make my family adhere to the Dhamma and I was searching for french suttas. I might have fallen on one of your translations.

Sādhu sādhu

Oh ok, sorry :smile:

Thank you so much :pray: I am glad that they are helpful, and much Metta to you and your family. Where is your family, if I may ask?

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Thank you :pray:

Oh I see, so you have a Cambodian background yourself as well, I guess.

Wonderful, it’s very nice meeting you. Thank you for reaching out.

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@Sikkhakamo I will respond in a private message, not to divert too much from the purpose of the original topic.

Edited to add: Ah, I can’t seem to be able to DM you, I think your profile setting prevents that. But I think you may be able to DM me. I look forward to continuing the conversation.

Can you retry please ? :slight_smile:

Me too I’m not able to MP you

If it’s not super technical I would also be happy to help with this endeavor as summer teaching vacation is coming up.


D’où venez-vous Onze ? De France ou d’un autre pays francophone ?

Thanks so much for showing us this. If it’s possible to get, it’d definitely be worthwhile, the three authors you mention were all giants of the field.

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Québec, une partie francophone du Canada. Salutations!