Haiku: your pet peeve and other musings about Buddhism

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This is the watercooler category and is not meant for serious discussion. Please keep to the topic, of “pet peeve” Haiku’s, not criticism please :slight_smile:


Please keep to haikus.
Not criticism, pet peeves.
Moderation done.


When I was Christian
It was so much easier:
Ask forgiveness… Done!


The cocktail of permanance nonself,suffering,
pleasure, self,impermanence, left me alone with
the hangover of enlightenment.


Haikus about Internet Buddhism:

Posters’ thoughts looping
Fractal instantiations
Of problems preached ‘gainst

Harsh speech is spoken
In name of the Noble Path
It is depressing



7 returns
1 return, no return,
‘l’ return for ever


It makes my brain hurt,
Not understanding dukkha,
My ice-cream’s melting!


The “horrible realization” that my long -term happiness or suffering is created by my response to experiences, not the experiences themselves was the first “awakening” for me. It was so much easier to externalize happiness as something to “find” out there. Well done haiku. You captured that ethereal feeling precisely.


Meditate three hours
Is not near enough for me
I yearn for more time



What’s wrong with Buddhism, ism
Why do teachers put the cart before the horse?
Because teaching meditation is easier than teaching to destroy the asavas.


Just a friendly reminder: the format for a haiku is 5 syllables for the first line, 7 syllables for the second line, and 5 for the third line.



It is not a peeve that
Sariputta spoke at length:
DN33. :slight_smile:


(Not really a pet peeve, but this came to me. I figured I’d share it.)

Thus come, thus gone, he,
who has neither came nor went,
enthroned in man’s breath,

he, like the turtle,
withdraws six appendages
and is clothed in light

the unilluminated
with three shining cures.


I think therefore I
Think I am Apparently
Not though - confusing!


I don’t mean to try to draw extra attention to this little ditty of mine, but when I went looking through SuttaCentral to find the buddhavacana the haikus were quoting and playing with, I think I might have found a missing parallel or partial parallel, or perhaps merely an intertextual reference. I hope I am not unwelcome to tag Venerable @sujato here in investigating this.

In the section of the above string of haikus that goes: “he, like the turtle, withdraws six appendages and is clothed in light,” it was a reference to a gāthā in the Dharmapada (T211), namely the Cittavarga. EDIT: I thought I had translated this myself but it turns out I had read the English before on SuttaCentral which read to an embarrassing request for corrections on original work that was not mine. The mistake was mine.

In T211 we find “concealing six cravings, like the tortoise” is a reference to the Kummasutta (SuttaCentral has SN17.3 as the Kummasutta, but this website has a different scripture, the one I was actually thinking of, as “Kumma Sutta: The Tortoise, Samyutta Nikaya 35.199”, which is a blank in SuttaCentral’s database. Does anyone know why this would be?)

I don’t know what this was qualify as, but it is clearly some sort of intertextual reference. I just thought that was interesting. I don’t know if you would want to investigate further and see if it was something worth noting on the SuttaCentral website proper.


That’s almost 3 haiku:

I’m contorting my brain thinking how to turn this into 3 … get 8 lines into 9, with the right syllables and 3 separate thoughts. :D.

Edit: it got withdrawn, so I can let it go. :rofl: Here’s hoping it comes back in haiku form. :amphora:


Friendly prompt for all:
Haikus are five, seven, five.
That is the format.

I think that all posts
ought be submitted like this:
very sparse, quite plain.