Haiku: your pet peeve and other musings about Buddhism

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A good haiku “cuts
somewhere in its middle part:
the end, then, sounds new

like an apple pie
on the counter, upside-down,
(at least ants love it!)

like a lotus bloom
with petals encircling,
inside, a fruit-loop,

or like a blue robe,
back ajar, revealing all,
a hospital gown,

the cut of the verse
folds the thought upon itself,
ending with a start,

not where you began,
not who you were when starting,
but always at home.


Being lay acting
renunciate without planned
supports is so hard.

Yet this may be all
the advice offered. It’s not
the Buddha’s design.

May all be happy
peaceful free. Harmless in all.
Buddha’s middle Path!


Please my Lord Buddha
Save me from sutta-thumpers
And point-scoring types.


The water current,
the gold atop the river,
it went up, up, up.


Let me tell you why
You’re wrong, I’m right, let’s not fight
(Smirky Buddha smile)


I’m right. You are wrong.
Reversing our positions:
there’s no need to fight.


I’m right, You are wrong.
My pet peeve still eludes me
Five arfs and a wuff!


Each Sutta I read
Many interpretations!
Slowly Wisdom Comes


We will enter and
remain in the pure, ulti-
mate, supreme empti…



…ness of observing
Masticating silently
Our daily diet.


Smiles. Her new career:
“I shall teach meditation.”
Her second sitting.