Help entering Pāḷi Idioms into DPD

In partnership with the DPD team, another Pāḷi student and I have begun transferring the contents of Anuruddha’s Dictionary of Pāḷi Idioms into a digital spreadsheet with the goal of incorporating this knowledge into their exceptional dictionary platform.

This initiative offers a great opportunity for Pāḷi students and translators to contribute to a valuable project. We are open to volunteers who are willing to provide their time and careful attention, no technical expertise needed. If you are interested, drop me a direct message, and we will initiate the process.


Sadhu sadhu!

I’m assuming this is text entry/transcription work? Unfortunately I’m way too error prone for this kind of merit, but I’m sure there will be other who have the right skills.


Yes, exactly. Although the PDF document was converted into Word, it remains an entry/transcription work, indeed.


There should be an easier way than keying in everything or correcting a lot of buggy OCR, if that is what it involves?

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I wished, and I am open to suggestions.

It does yes, as our copy is a pdf document made of photographs of the book. If someone has a copy of paper book and willing to make a professional scan of it, this would be more than welcome. Unless there are other options I am not aware of?

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Although, I must say, it’s not as tedious a job as it might seem; I actually find it quite mindful and educational.


Looks like it is in copyright, has someone checked with the authors?

That is something DPD team should be able to answer. As a volunteer typist myself, this isn’t something I haven’t been in charge of, and I trust that they addressed this question.

If you have concerns I believe you may reach out to Ven. Bodhirasa.

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A warm thank you to all who responded. :pray: We are now 9 working on this, it seems.