Help for using Bilara i/o

Is there someone who would volunteer their expertise to help me export some texts from Bilara i/o? I just found this online ide service that I thought might be useful in setting it up.

I’m interested in getting html files that include pali and English.

I honestly don’t even know where to begin. There are these instructions here: Bilara i/o

Bhante Sujato recently wrote this to me in a PM, but there is a knowledge gap on my part that means I really have no idea how to get where he is going. I understand the individual words, but… And I don’t want to bother him.

Any way, I thought it might be useful to other people as well if we could figure out instructions for being able to do all this with a limited technical knowledge.


Anyone with a minimal developer experience can set it up in a few minutes. Perhaps if no-one at your end can sit with you, then maybe someone from here could do it on a skype with you?

Oh, sorry Bhante. I forgot that if I quoted you, you would get a notice. Duh.

Yes, if there is someone here who would like to help, that’s just what I’m after. It looks like the online ide I posted in the OP might allow this to happen as a fully on-line thing.

I’d like to try to make epubs of your translations that have both Pali and English. All I need is a well formatted html file of the book and I can work it out from there.

If it really is easy, then perhaps I can write up instructions for how to do it. It might also be helpful for the folks in this thread,