Question on bilara i/o input arguments

I’ve been playing around with bilara i/o having discovered it just this morning. I’m finding that the arguments to the --include flag don’t work as specified on the repository readme.

It seems that you can pass --include root or --include html and so on, but you cannot pass --include root, html as stated.

My python isn’t the best, would someone please be able to help me out?

I also stumbled across this post by @Snowbird I was wondering if you ended up achieving what you wanted?

Ok disregard, the args can’t have a space in between - needs to be --include translation+en,html.

Okay, glad it worked out. Generally I find it’s easiest to just grab the collection and delete the unneeded columns. But of course it depends on what you’re aiming for.

Documentation is rough for this, so if you have any suggestions they are most welcome!