How to download the Pali Suttas

Sorry but I am kind of a luddite and am confused about github so please bear with me. I want to print a copy of the linked discourses translations by Bhante Sujato but when I checked readingfaithfully one of the last version that I have seen was of August 2020. How can I download the latest version and is it downloadable in a pdf format for example? Thanks

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If you can wait a little bit, Bhante @Sujato is working hard on a publication interface that will allow you to create a beautiful pdf of whatever book you like.

If you need something urgently, you could play around with this experimental app I’ve been working on:

The copy button copies the HTML output. I haven’t tried to make a pdf of that yet. One way would be to save it in a file and try to open it in LibreOffice and see what it does. Or you could use Calibre to do the conversion.

The tags you can see in that app are put there only by css, so even just copy-pasting the whole page might get you something good enough.

But really, if you are paying for printing and binding, I think the official project should have something worth waiting for.

I actually made the app so I could update those 2020 epubs, just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

One thing that app above does have is Pali-English option. I don’t think that is going to be part of the official publications, at least for now.

Let me know if I can do anything to make the app more helpful.


Are you going to read all of the suttas or is this a project for people who don’t have internet access? You can also download the HTML file and use it to create a PDF file.

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Thank you :slight_smile: WIll be waiting for the official project , it sounds good :pray:

Please refer to this thread for updates about the epub version of the Sutta Pitaka.