I recorded 'itipi so' chanting with ambient background

Hello there. :pray: :slight_smile:

I’ve recorded “itipi so” chant with ambient “music” background. First of all I just wanted to share it here. I’m wondering if you like it? And do you think it’s OK to record such things, or would some consider it “blasphemous” (to connect chant with ambient and recorded by one lay person). I just got inspired and made it.

Regarding phrasing and “melody”, my inspiration was recordings from Wat Pah Pong, Ajahn Sona from Sitavana and some unnamed thai monk choir. I’ve compiled various melodic aspects from these three and made some minor modifications. Here it is:

With metta :pray:


This is amazing. I’ve read a lot of suttas, and I can’t recall any placing any stipulations on recitation other than it should be done with mindful sincerity.


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Thank you ! wonderful, indeed.

I also wonder about the use of drones to chant. It definitely helps me get in a state when chanting, but I always wonder id it is sacrilegious or not hahaha, hopefully someone can enlight us in the right direction to consider this.

What I consider is that if it makes me chant more and recite the teachings more, then I do it.
But I dont know,

Ill be using this too!,
thank you

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Thank you both for responses! :slight_smile: I’m glad you both like it! :slight_smile:

It is nice to read that you’ve got same thoughts Mario. I used to love chant to some ambient/drone background for years also. :slight_smile: I never hesitated doing that “in private”, but I had doubts about recording it.

I always found sacral music very beautiful, especially gregorian chants but also some Mahayana chants are very beautiful for me. Theravada chants are very raw. I understand why this is, especially in case of Theravada monastics, but I wonder if lay people could use pali chants with a little bit more oomph from the ambient/drone background, or whatever artistic addition. Problem with listening to too much chants of other traditionsis that it brings mind more to their ideas rather than EBT. That’s why I wonder if making Theravada chants more accessible to lay people could help bring their minds to dhamma topic of the chants.

That’s why I’m interested in others opinions. :slight_smile: So far I can say from the comments that lay people really like it. Lets see what emerges further.

If it’s okay, I have ideas for 2 more chants. :slight_smile: Mangala sutta and “anicca vata sankhara”. I have different background and ‘melody’ ideas for both (if you can call a melody something with only 2 different tones :stuck_out_tongue: ).

PS: Another detail is personal preference of ‘melody’ and pace. I was listening to a lot of versions of “itipi so”, and pretty much every single one have some difference in pace/accents/‘melody’ etc. I was always thinking like “they could change this a little bit here! and then it would be perfect!”. So of course from dhamma perspective you could consider that craving. But on the other hand, if you really actually like certain version, it makes you want to chant more, and it is surely better than watching TV or waste time in other way. So this is tricky from various Dhamma perspectives. :slight_smile:


I suggest checking AN5.209:

“Mendicants, there are these five drawbacks in reciting with a drawn-out singing voice.
What five? You relish the sound of your own voice. Others relish the sound of your voice.
Householders complain: ‘These ascetics, followers of the Sakyan, sing just like us!’
When you’re enjoying the melody, your immersion breaks up.
Those who come after follow your example.
These are the five drawbacks in reciting with a drawn-out singing voice.”




Are there any suttas that discourage lay followers from singing in recitation?


I dont think so. Although lay people would be expected to emulate the bhikkhu / bhikkhuni Sangha when observing uposatha, hence should not be coming to viharas to sing the dhamma out and aloud.
The way I take it in my practice is that I dont sing it aloud, even in private. But I surely do like to hum the typical refugee, precepts and blessing formulas as a way to raise energy, devotional joy and inspiration in my day to day life.


Thank you, my neurodivergent brain finds it very helpful - like a weighted blanked (I imagine), except made of sound :pray:t4: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Looking forward to the next ones!

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well done! not in the least blasphemous in my opinion! bringing chanting to us is a gift. Thank you.

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It goes along at a great clip and raises energy.
To me it sounds like chanting rather than singing.
I am bookmarking it. :slight_smile:
I read through the comments before listening and was expecting something rather closer to modern popular music.

btw, are you in Bhante’s Tuesday Pali class?

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