I wrote a story

Maybe you would like to read it!



No idea what it means.

Initially, sounds like a trick Jho Low forgot to use. Buying the auditing firm to audit his money.

What do the bees mean?

How can people just swap wives?

Too long for a simple joke at the end.

Loved it Bhante! Reminds me of something i can’t quite put my finger on, not science fiction exactly but very evocative! like a monty python sketch without a punchline, no wait i’ve got it, reminds me of Flann O’Brien! lovely evocation of a certain gentle sureallity, loved it.

I could ask for no higher praise! :pray:

It’s just a buzzword. :honeybee:


Anicca, dukkha, anatta!

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Or maybe the Princess Bride:

The real Dread Pirate Roberts has been retired 15 years and is living like a king in Patagonia.

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Reminds me of “By His Bootstraps” by Heinlein without the time travel. There’s only one character in the story who eventually discovers that.

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I loved it, full of sparks and frizzle, and not like anything I’ve read before - yeah and those bees …

My head is buzzing now with associations, but nowhere to land them, like a very long koan … :rofl:


It looks like a breathing meditation session to me.

The bees counting here is the breath counting. The mind just wanders through different ideas of “self”: the accounting and the billionaire. So in the end, there is a miscount to 13. :joy:


(My apologies to everyone who has read it already, but I just added a couple of names. It’s probably bad writerliness, but I just can’t resist a punningly-revealing name!)

Still room for a groan-worthy pun though :slightly_smiling_face:

An intriguing story, and I like its reflections on identity and interconnection. The bees worked as a device to warn me that there would be dislocations in the story, but I prefer your justification:


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would bee* dislocations


Bees are known to be great messengers in the forests of India and Nepal back in the times of the Buddha where Sages mixed in harmony with Nature. :upside_down_face:


They do indeed!

Hmmm. Or should I say, bzzzz.

Ahh, I like it!


The 13th bee from Shesha’s hand is …

“Shesha” in Sanskrit texts, especially those relating to mathematical calculation, implies the “Remainder”—that which remains when all else ceases to exist.


I know that Bhante is not a fan of copyright, but this is a story that is deserving of some protection, as it is original and very compelling. Part of what is compelling to me is that I am still bee-wildered about aspects of its meaning…also elements of great writing. I’d put a wee © on it, as it has the stuff of a great short film. Hugh Jackman in the lead, of course.

It is said one teaspoon of honey is equal to the entire life’s hard work of 12 bees . My guess is that the 13th bee is, as Bhante writes, a free bee, but nothing more. Sesha, the Naga, holds up the world; she is the observer of all of us, all of us producing some variety of our teaspoon of honey. Bee we billionaires or bookkeepers, we suffer and crave or dream of what others have. Sesha, holding up the world, has seen this all before.

I’m just riffing here…hive no clue if I’m even close to understanding.


To :honeybee: or not to :honeybee:

That is the question :smile:


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That’s Ant Man racing out of the Palace and the City of the Shakyas in a dead night bee run to escape to the outside world in order to achieve Enlightenment in the Purified Search for Buddhahood Within. VNV Nation is playing in the background of my computer. Let there bee, let there always bee, never ending Love.

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