Indonesian UI translation

Is it possible if I want to contribute to the Indonesian translation of the SuttaCentral overall user interface (the SuttaPlex excerpts are included)?


That sounds wonderful! Let’s still alert Bhante @sujato and @carmi who is supporting the Bilara translators.

So the blurbs would have to be included into your project. Sounds great!

Perhaps before starting new interface translation projects it would be good if @HongDa could revise it and add all the terms that are still missing, like what is in the footer, the new tags like “aligned”, “legacy”, etc., and certainly a few more.


Hi, this would be great, thanks for offering. Carmi will set you up with your project.

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Greetings @renaldoaluska :slight_smile:
Can you please let me know your GitHub username?

Good idea Ayya @sabbamitta, @HongDa we can wait if you have time to revise and update. Please let us know what works best for you.

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Thank you for the opportunity, Bhante :pray:

Greetings, it’s the same as this username (@renaldoaluska).
I’ll wait for it to appear on the Bilara site.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Thanks @renaldoaluska

we can wait if you have time to revise and update. Please let us know what works best for you.

Tags are added automatically based on the data :smile:

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Yes, they are added. But users would wish to see them in their respective language. (Or did I misunderstand you?)

When the website language is set to German, the tags should show in German, not English. The same applies to the footer, and certainly a few more things.

These terms need to be integrated in the “interface” file for translation in Bilara.

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Got it!
I will deal with it as soon as possible :smile:


Greetings @HongDa @carmi @sabbamitta, are there any updates? Thanks :pray:

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Hey @renaldoaluska
I have completed localization support for badge.
The localization support for footer will also be completed today. :smile:


Footer’s localization support has been completed,
The localization information of badge and footer are placed in the interface_translation-[language]-site file.


And I can see it there! :tada: :heart: :pray:

Thank you so much!

A question, @HongDa: In the interface file I see a term “remember settings”, and I remember that I once saw this on the website next to a box—which I then ticked.

But already for a while, I can’t find this on the website any more. Do you know where it is? The friends of our discussion group loose their settings each time they close SuttaCentral. I don’t loose them (probably because I never close the site … :thinking: :grin:)

Hey Ayya,
Remember settings option is deprecated,
by default the user’s settings are saved unless the user’s browser is in private mode or saving settings is denied.


So they will perhaps have to investigate their browser settings … :thinking:

@renaldoaluska your UI project is ready in Bilara under id > blurb and id > site

Please have a look over Guide for translators · suttacentral/bilara-data Wiki · GitHub and let us know if you have any questions


@renaldoaluska it’s wonderful that you are doing this!

Please note that there are a few “unsafe” files in the “site” folder of Bilara. Most importantly these are the indexes, as they are full of mistakes, wrong links, etc.

Maybe all other “unsafe” pages can be regarded as “safe” meanwhile. These were pages with pending updates, so that it would be wiser to wait with translation until the up-to-date version was there. Maybe that has all been done now.

(There used to be a list of unsafe pages somewhere, @carmi, but I can’t find it right now. Do you know where it is?)