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The following are explanations of text segments of the SuttaCentral website interface for people who are translating it into other languages. The complete English interface file can be found here. If you would like to translate the interface into your language, please see this thread.


If you look at the first part of the keys, you will see that some are related to complete pages. For example:


These are all on the donate now page. This is different from the main Donation page


This is the page for saving the site for use offline

Major Areas

Some of the text is on specific parts of pages.


This is an example of the suttaplex area:


Most of the dictionary items can be found in two places. One is in the views setting when viewing a sutta. You have to scroll left and right to see everything:

There is also dictionary text on a dictionary result page, e.g. sīla

Individual items:

badge:aligned, badge:annotated, badge:legacy

These three items are used to describe translations.

“Aligned” means that the translations can be viewed side by side with the root text (e.g. Pali).

“Legacy” means that the translations cannot be viewed with the root text. Many of these translations are older, therefore the word “legacy.” However they aren’t necessarily old.

“Annotated” means that there are footnotes/end notes.

dictionary:adjacentTerms—Adjacent Terms

This is the heading in dictionary results that lists words that come before or after the the word searched for. For example if someone searched for “samādhi” the adjacent terms might be “samādisati, samādhāna, samādhika, samādhiyati”

dictionary:changePaliScriptDescription—This enables you to read the Pali text in various scripts.

“Various scripts” refers to the alphabets used to display the Pali. For example the Pali can be displayed using Roman letters (the default) or using Thai, Sinhala or Burmese alphabets.

dictionary:lineByLine—Line by line

This is the option to display the suttas with one line in English, one line in Pali, one line in English, one line in Pali, etc. This is an example of text displayed “line by line”:


This is the option to display only the translation without showing any Pali (compared to “Line by line”


“Refrences” are the paragraph or page numbers that are in original Pali manuscripts. They allow someone to “refer” to a specific place in the Pali text. There are many different numbering systems and this text is the heading for chosing which ones to display.

dictionary:textViewEnabled—{textView}-view is now enabled on applicable texts.

This is a popup message that displays when switching between “Plain”, “Side by side” and “Line by line” The {textView} part will be replaced with the language the user has chosen.


dictionary:viewTextualInfo—View textual information

(not sure what this is)


This is the copyright. (Perhaps “licensing” is used because some of the texts are free from copyright.)

footer:readingfaithfully—Reading Faithfully—Devotional and contemplative sutta reading for the faithful disciple

“ReadingFaithfully” is the name of a website and should not be translated.

footer:sourceCode—Source code on Github

“Github” is a name and should not be translated.

interface:ab—Systematic Treatises

This is just the English translation for the Pali word “Abhidhamma.”

interface:anEssayTitle—The Numbered Discourses: things that are useful every day

This referrs to the Anguttara Nikaya


This referrs to the Anguttara Nikaya

suttaplex:blurb Blurb

The “blurb” for a sutta is like a one line summary.

text:viewImage—View page image

(not sure what this is)


I wonder if Ven. @sabbamitta or @noeismet knows what

  • dictionary:viewTextualInfo View textual information
  • text:viewImage View page image


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Sorry, I can’t help. I’ve been searching around without success (but have seen a few more things I had already forgotten …) :smiley:

Maybe these are things that aren’t active any more.

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Could be. I’m collecting obsolete text here: Remove obsolete items from the i18n file and correct errors · Issue #2732 · suttacentral/suttacentral · GitHub