Is the Network Down? Can't Download Nikayas

I’ve been trying to download the Middle Discourses since last night, but the network seems to be down. It’s the same on my laptop, smartphone, and Kindle. I’ve also tried downloading the other Nikayas, but it’s all the same. Nothing. Thanks for any help on this matter.

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I’m also unable to download any of the epub files from the download section.

Are you both talking about the epubs? I believe that Bhante @Sujato mentioned that the downloads are broken.

Until that is fixed, you can get a slightly older (and IMO better formatted :grin:) version of them through this website:

There are also versions with Pali and English.


Thanks, I didn’t know. Has Bhante Sujato said when this would be fixed?

He may join the thread to say, but I don’t recall he put a date on it. Lots of things to fix with the new rollout.

Understood. Thanks again.


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Thanks for the link.

For anyone interested, I also keep a backup of the e-books on my github, but note that the files are 7 months old:

The only difference when compared with the original files is that the text alignment is changed from left to justify and in addition the azw3 files have additional soft hyphenation.

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