Is there a better way to penetrate dhamma - the Laws of Nature

Firstly, I am grateful to all the teachers, staff who keep suttacentral and such great platform for discussions alive, Sadhu, Sadhu Sadhu

Everyone is so much stuck in their views, they are not ready to see how things really are not just ordinary people, not just buddhist, not just good teachers everyone, whithout this view we get confused on what is right and wrong and its this views which give us sense of self Right View? - #7 by sumants
What is enlightenment? - #39 by sumants
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Kids , Teens today’s generation play games on roblox, fortnight, minecraft there should be dhamma games which should teach dhamma this way

I wish could have added cartoons and documentaries but my resources are limited.

From my observation most of translations and interpretations of Dependent Origination miss these main points listed below although they are well covered in dhamma, and still the realization isn’t there for most of audience, its missing, pls review the attached interpretation and let me know your thoughts does this make sense or not, does it make our understanding better, what else can be done here

  • The world and existence in the world how to start and interpret this DN27 What Came First, All phenomena should be seen from what initiated first and first impression yonisomanasikāra
  • We are blinded by our views don’t want to go beyond be it anyone, while buddha clearly describes we need open mind here, I find even buddhist circles have closed views they don’t follow DN1

“Mendicants, if others criticize me, the teaching, or the Saṅgha, don’t make yourselves resentful, bitter, and exasperated. You’ll get angry and upset, which would be an obstacle for you alone. If others were to criticize me, the teaching, or the Saṅgha, and you got angry and upset, would you be able to understand whether they spoke well or poorly?”

“No, sir.”

“If others criticize me, the teaching, or the Saṅgha, you should explain that what is untrue is in fact untrue: ‘This is why that’s untrue, this is why that’s false. There’s no such thing in us, it’s not found among us.’

If others praise me, the teaching, or the Saṅgha, don’t make yourselves thrilled, elated, and excited. You’ll get thrilled, elated, and excited, which would be an obstacle for you alone. If others praise me, the teaching, or the Saṅgha, you should acknowledge that what is true is in fact true: ‘This is why that’s true, this is why that’s correct. There is such a thing in us, it is found among us.’

  • Missing the view points when Buddha says eye consciousness is burning they just read it not realize it, unless you are right there experiencing that moment, creating that moment it can’t be realized or penetrated. The awakening factor of investigation of principles, is missing folks just read, talk and not go beyond
  • 7W’s not sure were listed in dhamma anywhere, they are very annoying and if not thought properly needs to be always associated with Name or Form, they diffuse the mind
  • Connections are not right, someone says Bhavanga exists others not, its very clearly listed in sutta what it is I am including in translation / interpretation, we discuss and debate on useless topics instead focus should be on penetrating the teachings
  • 5 kandha are not part of any translation or interpretations whereas they should be MN28 says “One who sees the teaching sees dependent origination.” And these five grasping aggregates are indeed dependently originated”
  • Nama Rupa, mentality and materiality has to be very clearly understood many session don’t go that far on discussing these especially mental conditioning aspect

Finally if someone cares about it that’s good if someone doesn’t its fine as well, may all beings receive highest happiness (nibbana)

Please read this and let me know your comments Dependent Co-arising.pdf (923.3 KB)

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