Is there a nice "literary" map of early Buddhism?

Lol, no.

American book sizes! 6x9 is one of the standard sizes offered by Lulu, and I like it because it conforms to a 2x3 ratio, and the simple numbers makes the maths easy for my lil’ brain.

No worries, old-fashioned is good.

I’ve been sitting with the map these last few days, and just two small things come to mind.

  • For Vajjī, revert to Vajji, again so sorry about these diacritical changes, it’s really hard to figure out what the “right” version is.
  • A more general thing, maybe just be a bit careful to leave an extra mm or so space around some of the names? Look at things like the P in Patitthana or the C in Pancala, or the final A in Magadha, I feel like the lettering is a little bit crowded by the geography.
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No worries about those! The relocation of most country names, though, (i.e. having to re-letter them entirely) that got to me just a little bit :sweat_smile:

Had the same thought. :confused: That could go a long way toward visual clarity, creating a good amount of white space around the „important“ parts that the eye is immediately drawn to.


Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I‘ve got some papers due which I can barely cram in before going monastery scouting for a week. Drawing will likely resume after March 17.


In the UK we’re a bit hybrid. For example, the roadsigns are in miles for distance and speed, but I personally use km when I’m walking (or more likely getting lost) in the countryside. I use inches for my height, but kg for my weight. This might be different for younger people.

Thanks so much for this map. It’s wonderful!

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No worries, I hope the papers go well. May I ask, what are you studying?

And scouting for monasteries for what, just out of interest. A visit? Something longer term?

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It‘s PoliSci. I went in looking to get some theoretical foundation and future vision for my leftist libertarian sensibilities, but instead realized that we‘re absolutely screwed. Which is why I quit politics and started scouting for a monastery to ordain :grin:


Ordaining will be a better service to yourself and others than political action would. :grin:


Ha ha, I know exactly how you feel! I hope you get the chance to find freedom. :pray:


Alright, I‘m back! (If you‘re wondering, it was great. Had some nice conversations and met people with an impressive je ne sais quois about them. Keeping eight precepts and being somewhat secluded, with people who preferred silence over idle talk, far from being hard as I thought initially, was more like exiting a crowded room full of people screaming at each other. Now my inner voices were the only ones screaming, usually at a lower volume, too, and it was such a relief… immediately made my practice like a gazillion times better :grin: Probably not the place I‘ll ordain, but the monastic life in general seems pretty awesome.)
Anyway. Finishing touches, reverting the diacritic mark on Vajji, clearing space around the lettering, coming up. Anything else before the ink hits the paper?


One of the best descriptions of monastic life I have ever heard.

No, that sounds about right. Looking forward to it.

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I hereby relinquish possession of this work by releasing it under a CC0 license :grin:
Some stuff might look a bit funky because of Inkscape’s bitmap tracing (and my somewhat shaky hands :sweat_smile: ), which is, on the whole, pretty good, but needs a bit of tweaking. If you notice anything too off, I can re-tweak it.

This is a PNG of the vector I’ve made. Discourse won’t take either SVG or ZIP files, though :roll_eyes: Anywhere else I can upload it?


Mega (or Google Drive, etc) might be best to ensure the file isn’t mangled by an image “optimization” algorithm.

Indeed the image you uploaded here came out far too low resolution to use in print.

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That was just a preview. I’ve uploaded the vector file now, which can be scaled to any size at all.


Awesome! :sunglasses: Oh man, I love it! A perfect balance of precision and character. Sādhu!


I’ve also taken the liberty of putting it up on the World Wide Web here in case that’s useful…


Many thanks! Wonderful! :pray:

I get to upload zip files, admin rights I guess, so here it is: (918.2 KB)

Awesome work as always!

I realize though that we lost sight of one of our original design guidelines: don’t put text over the spine of the book. Here’s a mockup.

And here’s an adjusted version, with a few cut and pastes in GIMP:

I moved:

  • Sarabu
  • Vaccha
  • Kosala
  • Pancala
  • Kosambi
  • Dakkhinagiri

And adjusted a few trees and rivers along the way. Looking at it now, probably Pancala and Vaccha should be moved a little further out of the spine.

What do you think Jonas? Can we make these changes in the svg?


Whoops! Completely forgot about that :sweat_smile:

Sure thing. I‘ll have it done soon!


So very grateful for your work.

But a little request, if it doesn’t require too much of your time – could we have a map without geographical features? No mountains? No forests? Rivers are good, but mountains and forests are really in my way of finding things.

Please forgive a simple old lady who prefers a simple thing.

Again, anumodana for all your hard work. :pray:

Something like this? Thanks Jonas! Awesome work!