Is there a nice "literary" map of early Buddhism?

Very nice, thank you!


I can see a lot of remixes coming up! I tried throwing it into Midjourney, but it as way too imaginative. I wanted to see if it would color it in different styles, but I just got junk.

Thank you so much, @Danny , @jonas and Bhante @sujato

I want maps as illustrations for suttas, esp. Mahāparinibbāna Sutta. :slight_smile:

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@Jonas @Danny

Here’s my attempt to highlight the relevant places to the sutta.

There’s definitely a case for making some more specialized maps, to, but I don’t want to scare Jonas!


I’ll make some simple adjustments (using Paint – I know it’s for children…) and post here. :slight_smile:

I hope @jonas wouldn’t hit himself on the head upon seeing my simplistic attempt. :grin:


I am really stupid when it comes to technology. I can’t replace the names Malla and Māgadha with different colours. This is to make it easier for readers to find the starting and end points of the Buddha’s last journey: Rājagaha and Kusināra.

Then, another map with Vajji and Vesali vs Rājagaha and Māgadha.

I give up!

Awesome stuff! It’s going on my wall today!!

Sometimes it’s good to work as a printer operator :eyes:


I’m wondering where you’re located… Thinking of printing some books… :grin:

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Looking at your profile, not exactly close by I’m afraid. People eat reindeer round these parts…


This might have been shared already in this topic, but Bh. Ānandajoti has all kinds of maps on his website including one for the MP sutta. You check it here:


If you wanted to do this at the highest quality level, you would need to use a vector editor like Inkscape (free) or AdobeIllustrator. But they both have kind of a steep learning curve.

In theory someone could take the SVG file and clean up the code in a way that city names would be given class names, etc. This would make it possible to generate custom SVG files using code.


Thank you so much. :pray:

I don’t have the knowledge or skills but will ask a friend before asking @jonas permission to modify his work.

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Thank you very much :pray:

The maps are for a black and white book. So, Ven Anandajoti’s maps might not be right for the book. Also, I personally prefer something that is not too ‘busy’ for the eyes to find things. And if possible, the rivers would be in blue to distinguish their lines from countries’ or kingdoms’ borders. Last but not least, I want a few maps, not one, to illustrate his journey; that is, a map for each leg of the journey.

For instance,

The first map – I want to highlight where Rājagaha in Māgadha and Kusināra in Malla are in the big picture of the ancient Indian continent. This is to show the starting and the end points of the Buddha’s last journey.

The second map – I want to add Pāṭaliputta or Pāṭaligāma on the banks of the Ganges River, where the Buddha taught the five advantages to one of good morality and of success in morality.


That would take some advanced skills, the whole thing is just one path in the SVG.


@jonas @Danny

May I have your permission to use your map (with tiny modification as mentioned above) to illustrate the book I’m working on?


No need to ask permission, at least as far as I‘m concerned. The map falls under the CC0 license, which means that you can do with it as you please, reproducing or modifying it freely.


Wellll… I tried doing it directly in InkScape, then noped out and cheesed it by cutting and pasting the original scan in Gimp and re-retracing it. Anyway, here’s the download for the adjusted version.

Like what? Asking for a friend, totally not a commitment.

That’s definitely a task for someone else. File’s there for the taking if anyone is up for it :grin:


Thank you very much. :pray:

In case this map of population density at about Ashoka’s time is of any use to someone in the future:

And their estimate for 1000 BCE: