Is there any Vinaya instruction on how to deal with pests and parasites?

I’m aware of MN33 where the Buddha touched on pests control with smoking them out. I’m not well versed in Vinaya, I would like to know whether there exists a clear procedure in the Vinaya of how to deal with pests, infestations, and parasites such as body worms.

It’s much easier to be at peace with insects and other unwanted sentient beings when we simply don’t focus unnecessary attention toward them, or conversely, honour their right to live, be happy, and be free from harm’s way; besides, they usually want less to do with us than we do with them, and many can find their way “out” if left to their own devices. And, it can be argued that indoor critters, such as house spiders for example, are our friends. And they would quickly perish if we were to “help them out” by placing them outdoors.

That being said, this laissez-faire approach isn’t always skilful, especially when we are facing an infestation of bed bugs, termites, or other critters that can actually cause harm if left unaddressed.

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There are some good comments in here that might be applicable:

Namo Buddhaya!

Vinaya forbids making use of water if one suspects that there might be insects in it, even if it is to put out a fire.

I think that from this one can pretty much infer how to deal with pests.

As to intestinal worms, there is a jataka where a monk went to a doctor for this and took medicine which made him vomit. I don’t know of anything else.