Is there any way to order search results

Hi! I am wondering if there is any way i can order or refine my search results to list hits by order of Nikaya, i.e DN results then MN then SN then AN then KN?

If not is that something that I might be able to help build? whats the deal with development here anyway, I had a web development background about a million years ago, am enjoying myself so much here I would love to be able to contribute…


There are tons of posts here about the problems with search on the site.

Good news is that in the next month there is a planned development cycle all about search.

Have you looked at the github repo?


maybe one of the @moderators could merge this current thread with one of the many other search related threads.

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thanks! I wasn’t sure it was a “bug” just thought i may not be seeing something obvious! will check out the github!

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