John Kelly’s Pāli Class 2024 (G&K) Class 9

Thread for discussing John Kelly’s Pāli Class (G&K) Class 9 for the class on May 12th / 13th 2024.

Meeting ID: 829 5896 1475
Passcode: anicca

You will need to remain in the “waiting room” until host lets you in.

Homework preparation for this class:

  1. Review G&K Lesson III: Grammar, all sections, pp. 33-40
  2. Complete G&K Lesson III: Further Readings 1-4, pp. 41-43
  3. Study G&K Lesson IV: Grammar, sections 1-4, pp. 50-53
  4. Study G&K Glossary IV-1, pp. 47-49
  5. If time, make a start on G&K Lesson IV, Readings 1, p.45

Dear @johnk ,

Apologies I’m unable to attend this Monday as I have an important work appointment.


That’s okay, Dheerayupa. Sometimes, most inconveniently, work gets in the way of fun things like learning Pāli! :smile:

No doubt you can catch up using the recording.

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Apologies, I may not be able to join this week as I will be traveling. If I can’t, I’ll check the recording.

Dear John,

I am sorry that I won’t be able to attend class 9. I need to stand by to look after my family members on Monday as the care-taker cannot come on that day. I will catch up by watching the class video.

Best regards,


Considering methuna dhamma, as an idiomatic expression for sexual intercourse. Wouldn’t it be more logical to call it methuna adhamma at least in the context of a monk’s behavior? My thought is that sex and fertility were once part of religion, a type of spiritual practice. So there could be a contrast here between the Buddha’s dhamma, which praises the Brahmacariya life, vs. other schools which made sex and fertility into spiritual goals, who actually practiced a methuna dhamma.

Possibly, ‘dhamma’ in this context refers less to ‘the doctrine’ or, ‘the way it is’ (big D Dhamma), and more to ‘a thing’ or ‘quality’ or even ‘practice’ in this context.

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It seemed too sarcastic to translate it as “the sex thing” :smile:

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Maybe ‘sexual activity’.

Thank you @Shotetsu and @Mirror also for letting me know that you can’t make the next class. I know that we all have busy lives in one way or another.

I do appreciate getting a heads up when anyone can’t make it. That way I know you haven’t just quietly withdrawn from the class altogether.

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@stephen is exactly right. The word dhamma has so many possible meanings. So don’t get stuck on just one of its possible meaning as the capital-D Dhamma we are all familiar with.

“The sex thing” I like that! - it definitely gets the message across. The sex act or sexual intercourse.

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I too will be absent this class, but definitely not taking permanent leave. See you next week!

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I’ll be away tomorrow and unable to attend class.

Wondering if the small number of inquiries on the homework is due to it being crystal clear and obvious, or to students not getting to it yet…

Ouch! The stars must be misaligned with so many no shows in one week.

I look forward to seeing whoever actually can make it to class in a little over 12 hours.

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Sorry to report that I will probably miss the class today too. I will be away from my regular campus due to an errand.

Lesson III, Further Readings, Passage #3 from the well-known DN 22 ( Mahāsatipaṭṭhānasutta):

G&K alters the text just a wee little bit, but here is a nice recording by Ven. Jiv. (Sri Lankan style) @ the 1.20:56 mark (it will say it can’t scan for security – click Play Anyway).

Enjoy :pray:t3: :smiling_face:

Katamañca, bhikkhave, dukkhaṁ ariyasaccaṁ?

Jātipi dukkhā, jarāpi dukkhā, maraṇampi dukkhaṁ, sokaparidevadukkhadomanassupāyāsāpi dukkhā, appiyehi sampayogopi dukkho, piyehi vippayogopi dukkho, yampicchaṁ na labhati tampi dukkhaṁ, saṅkhittena pañcupādānakkhandhā dukkhā.

When is the class actually? The event says today but the OP has two dates?

John always includes the Sunday date for people in the Americas/Europe and the Monday date for people in Asia/Australia. I believe it should read 12/13 May.

Same day, same time, as usual.

Thanks @BethL for pointing out my slight typo there.

See you all soon.

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Here are the Powerpoint slides for Class 9
SC Pali 2024 Class 9 Slides.pdf (1.4 MB)