KN Snp Vagga 1 Pāli and English (Ven. Thanissaro) side by side

For pali students and geeks:

1. Uraga-vaggo (snake-chapter)
    KN Snp 1.1 uraga (the snake)
    KN Snp 1.2 dhaniya (the cattleman)
    KN Snp 1.3 khagga-visāṇa (sword-horn [of rhinoceros])
    KN Snp 1.4 kasibhāradvāja (name of brahman)
    KN Snp 1.5 cunda (the smith)
    KN Snp 1.6 parābhava (decline)
    KN Snp 1.7 vasala (the outcast)
    KN Snp 1.8 metta (good-will)
    KN Snp 1.9 hemavata (name of a yakkha)
    KN Snp 1.10. āḷavaka (name of a yakkha)
    KN Snp 1.11 vijaya (victory)
    KN Snp 1.12 muni (sage)

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I did do lots of regular expression search and replaces to get pali and english to line up well, so no guarantees about the accuracy of the pali and english texts! Use at your own risk.