Land purchased for Bhikkhuni monastery in Belgium

Yesterday, Samita’s president has signed the contract to purchase land in Engreux, Belgium for a new Bhikkhuni monastery!

We can now start to look at plans for the new buildings together with the architect and ask for quotes from building firms. Still a long way to go but the first step has been made.

I’m also very grateful to Bhante Sujato for being the spiritual adviser for this project!
(for some reason I cannot get the zoom function to work, so you have to zoom out manually)

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For the Greenpeace-fans: the new monastery will be right in the middle of that tiny part of Europe that stops the CETA.



In the future, I look forward to muscling in on this map of yours as well, so as to plot all the wonderful surrounding Buddhist activity that flourishes as a result. :wink:


Maybe you can add it as a “heaven” to your map of Buddhism. :slight_smile:


Now, I’m not as reverent as I should be in all instances, but if Bhante Sujato says heaven is Perth, Australia, I’ve enough reverence to not go messing around with that.


it must be a multilayered issue, but if it could be in two words explained what the problem with CETA is, i’ve seen it being protested against in Germany

… But there are 7 heavens … :grinning:



Tee-hee! Excellent! Shows me the foolishness of being a bit indifferent towards Buddhist cosmology. I’d better roll up my sleeves and do some book-learnin’, which heaven does Samita correspond to?

Shows you also the strange setup of the Belgian parliament … Wallonie is only part of the country so they have a parliament of their own and the federal government has nothing to say in this matter. There are actually 7 governments in all for a population of just over 11 million people. So having the longest government formation session of nearly 2 years some time back (so that means 2 years without a federal government!) is no problem at all. Things just keep ticking over.

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Actually, there are 26 devalokas in 7 groups:
Cātummahārājikā devā Tāvatiṃsā devā (with Sakka as chief), Yāmā devā, Tusitā devā, Nimmānaratī devā, Paranimmita-vasavattī devā, Bṛahmakāyikā devā.

You choose :wink:


Yikes! That’s a boat-load of responsibility, I think maybe it should have been put to Samita’s board.

I’m not in a position to do the appropriate research, so I’ll just have to go with Tāvatiṃsā remembering that the first half of DN21 almost made me weep with laughter when I first read it, and likewise the second half for other reasons. It sounds like a good, fruity, bunch hangout in Tāvatiṃsā.

Based on available description I think the fit is okay: the plot purchased is roughly 640,000km, right? The picture on your website suggests you’re fairly tall, and I think rounding it up to 45720cm gives a reasonable approximation, and by the above it seems as though your parliamentarians have an Asuran streak. I’ll add it to the map. :grin:


Yes, those sizes are about right :grinning:

But maybe better use these descriptions:āvatiṃsāāvatiṃsa

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Dear Ayya @Vimala,

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu! How wonderful! Excellent news! Thank you for sharing! Just wanted to send my congratulations.

with reverence and in mettā,