Leaving SuttaCentral

Dear friends,

After much deliberation I have decided to leave SuttaCentral. The reason is that I cannot combine it with the building of Tilorien monastery.

I thank you all for all the wonderful contributions to this forum and to the website and the support over all these years. It has been a privilege to work with you and get to know you.

With much metta and gratitude,
Ven. Vimala


This is very sad news.
Thank you so much for all your contributions! We’ll miss you!! :hugs: :heart:


I can’t say I “like” this post… still I have to click the like button somehow.

But why so radical? Can’t you just take a break or so… ?

Of course, your decision, not mine… :disappointed_relieved: :hugs: :heartpulse:


Dear Ayya Vimala

Thanks for the massive, amazing contribution you’ve made here and all the very best with Tilorien.

May the leaves (haunting sylvan music playing) of Tilorien be evergreen - in spring and summer anyways - and always shelter and protect those who dwell within; may the leaves (haunting music fading away) of Tilorien, not fall idly - except in autumn. May all the elves - er…I mean nuns - dwell within peace and happiness and keep their borders - right, sorry, I mean the Dhamma…er, hmm - well protected. :bodhileaf: :bodhileaf: :bodhileaf: :bodhileaf: :bodhileaf: :bodhileaf: :bodhileaf: :bodhileaf: :bodhileaf: :bodhileaf: :bodhileaf: :bodhileaf: :bodhileaf: :bodhileaf: :bodhileaf: :bodhileaf: :bodhileaf: :bodhileaf: :bodhileaf:

Much gratitude for all you’ve done and may many blessings follow you on your journey inward. It was such a pleasure to work a little closer with you. I think it will be a happy day if our paths cross in real life. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your hard work and collaboration .
You’ll be missed venerable!


Thank you for building a new place for the world to come visit and practice the Dhamma at Tilorien.



Thank you for your back-office work helping with the nuts and bolts of this site (probably an even more thankless and underappreciated job than moderating :slight_smile: ). There are only so many hours in the day! Best wishes for the monastery. And, darn, I notice someone has got in there already with the Tolkien references! :wink: :elf: :dragon_face:


Thank you for all the work you have done at Sutta Central and may all your aspirations reach their intended goal.
With Metta


How can this be? Why now? What did I do to deserve this? Oh yeah, everything’s impermanent, subject to arising and passing away. Thank you, Venerable @Vimala, thank you so very much for all of your contributions to Sutta Central, to Tilorien, and to the world!


Thank you Ven @Vimala for your amazing contribution.



Dear Ayya Vimala,
The very best wishes for your next adventure in the Dhamma image

Thank you for the wonderful example you have set, through all your hard work, wisdom, perseverance and kindness.

I look forward to watching Tilorien grow :smiley: (with lots of updates here)!!

May you and all beings be free of suffering :thaibuddha: :anjal::dharmawheel:


Thank you for your great contribution to Sasana.
You still have not leave us if I am not mistaken.


Dearest Ayya, you are a true friend and a practitioner of dedication and integrity. Your contributions to SuttaCentral, and daresay the sasana, have been incomparable. We will always miss you, and if you ever want to return, the invitation is always open.


Dear Ven. Vimala: I’m not sure you can ever truly “leave” something in which your technical DNA and so much care and effort is invested, as has been the case with SC. But, at the end of the day, many of us know the feeling of understanding the limits of our energy and focus, and certainly opening and operating Tilorien will take much of your time and your many talents.

So, as I mentioned at Pioneertown a year or so ago, I’ll hope to show up at Tilorien one day with a rake or a paintbrush. Until then, be well, happy and peaceful. Michael


Dear Ayya Vimala,

Thank you for your contribution and hard work for SC, especially for coding many translations for us. I hope you will come back after the building of Tilorien monastery finished.



You will be missed. :pray::pray:


Thank you and may you and Tilorien monastery be lights to the world.


Dear Ayya,

I do understand. There are just too many things going on for you right now, and you need to prioritise. So good on you for making that hard decision.

The problem, if that’s the right word, is that you are too good at too many things. You have a kind of Dhammic Midas touch. Everything you do brings the sāsana forward.

Yet you are a super-duper asset to SuttaCentral. It is too much to hope to see back again once you get other priorities out of the way?


Dear Ayya, Sending you best wishes with the Tilorien monastery project. Thank you so very much for your friendship. SuttaCentral will miss your presence. Please do keep in touch. xox


Dear Ayya,

Thanks for your contribution in SC especially for help to submit my work. I hope you will come back ASAP. :anjal: