Let's read Bhante Sujato's Sutta translations


I like to use this thread as a fun way to start reading Bhante @sujato new translation.
You can start reading anywhere you like it but report here the progress of your reading.
You can use this link to point out some translation errors as well.
I have read 90 % of four Nikaya more than twice.
Perhaps this is an attempt to read the entire four Nikaya in one go.
The first person who read the Sutta will get a reward.
Please join me.


Please report any errors or typos in the following link.


Now I am reading Digha Nikaya Sutta 7


I have read Dhiga Nikaya many time ad hoc but not all suttas at once.
I took the Sutta reading challenge in June 2018 when it was launched.
Unfortunately, it was not that successful.
Thanks to SCV @karl_lew and the wonderful translation of Bhante @sujato I finished reading Dhiga Nikaya in 15 days. On average I was listening to two Suttas a day.
I have no words to thank SCV admin staff.
My next challenge is reading Majjima Nikaya


SarathW, I’d love to join you in listening to the Majjhima :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m currently at MN 31, but I’m also quite slow, so catching up shouldn’t be too hard for you


Yeah, I’m also rather drawn to joining in! And you’re exactly right SarathW1, it’s only because of this spectacular gift of Karl’s that this is conceivable to me. But I have to admit I’m still a little apprehensive I could fulfil the challenge.

Are you sticking to 2 suttas a day? I mean that sounds pretty doable…


That’s so true! Especially the Saṁyutta and Aṅguttara. With SCV they seem doable!

Two middle-length discourses/day sounds like a good speed to me, too!


Let me give it a try, too! (I’m at 20 currently) :smiley:


I do not have any specific goal except the addiction to the pleasure of listening, reading and discussing Suttas. It just happens two Suttas a day.
For me, it is something like listening to music.
I do not think it is another chore.
I think we have to have the desire to know the unknown.


You’re absolutely right!

Yes, indeed. We also have to have time.


My goodness. You all are lightning! :cloud_with_lightning:
I’m still plodding through DN33. It’s been months. :turtle:

But wait. :thinking:

I’ll just be like the broken clock and wait for you all to lap me.
:clock10: :clock10: :clock10: :clock10: :clock10: :clock10: :checkered_flag:


I know that you have a very busy schedule.
But do not let that be the roadblock.


Very Good. I’m just about to receive a hard copy in the mail and I have it on Kindle (I must be the really visual one in this group :slight_smile: ) So I’d love to join in too :smiley:


Does Bhant Sujato’s translation available as a book?


Well the 3 volumes printed through LuLu, that Gus arranged. I believe there may be a few suttas missing, but those I can check on the kindle.

I’m aslo getting the Majima by Bikkhu bodhi to read side by side, and I read better if I take notes in the margins… :smiley: I love my hard copies :smiley:


Can anyone buy them?
What is the link?


The link is in one of the topics talking about the volumes. I’d have to do the search… but you can too :slight_smile:


Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3.

(They are complete.)


:anjal: Very kind and considerate :smiley: :anjal:


Wow, @karl_lew, this is a challenge! I just listened to MN 1, and—my goodness!—you’ve expanded the whole thing across all sections! With Pali and English, this would be a listen of 4h 5m!! :scream:

This proofed too discouraging even for me. Even with English only I found it too long. Maybe another time when I feel inclined to sit for 1h 30 and get immersed in earth, water, fire, and air… :heart:

This time I cheated a bit by just jumping through the segments. :flushed:

SuttaCentral Voice v1.0.0 Released :heart_eyes: